Nightlife in France

France is a land of many historical buildings and is one of the most cosmopolitan countries, where you can find tradition is well merged with modernity. Some of the world famous historical landmarks are located here. Nightlife in France is also world famous and there are various pubs, casinos, nightclubs, etc where you can drop in during your stay in the country. Given below is a brief over view regarding nightlife in the country.

Lio de Paris Cabaret

You can enjoy your nightlife in France in a different manner if you drop in at Lio de Paris Cabaret. If you love dancing and if you want to see some best dance performances, then this is the place for you. It is located at Champs- Elysees Avenue which is right in the heart of the capital city and some of the famous cabaret dancers perform here.

This place remains crowded most of the time and it has a cosmopolitan crowd and is mostly preferred by foreign tourists. The cabaret dance shows are held regularly at night and you can enjoy the show, along with dinner and drink of your choice. If you want you can also go for package dinners, where you can avail discounts at times. The place has a huge seating arrangement, which can accommodate a number of people at a time. Services are fast and staff is friendly, making it one of the favorite destinations for foreign tourists.

The Local Party Club

As the name suggests, the Local Party Club is one of the places where you can hear traditional music, along with rock and hip hop numbers. Liquor is pretty cheap as compared to other night clubs, making it one of the favorite destinations for students. There is an in-house DJ who spins some popular music and if you want you can dance in the small dance floor that is there.

The interiors are decorated in a typical manner with dim light, dark wall colors and low, wooden seating arrangements. The club is a no smoking zone, so if you want to puff, you can do so outside.

Le Baron

If you want to enjoy nightlife in France with your close group of friends then you can drop in at Le Baron. It has a very cozy and homely atmosphere where you can relax, by listening to your favorite music and sipping the drink of your choice. Apart from the in-house DJ, and live music performances are also held by different artists. This place is best suited for casual meetings with friends and loved ones.

L'Accordeon Dancing

If you want to experience something different apart from dropping in at different places of interests, then you can drop in at L'Accordeon Dancing. This place is sure to offer you some different kind of experience, as it has a very big dance floor and is very well decorated.

The place has bee renovated and it has a complete new look. It remains open past midnight and you can enjoy dancing to different tunes by sipping mock tail of your choice. If you feel bored dancing, then you can also watch movie in the giant screen that is there on the floor. The in-house musicians play music of different genres right from traditional music to contemporary ones.

Some of the other places where you can drop in to enjoy your nightlife in France are given below:

  • PMU Bar
  • La Favela Chic
  • B Machine
  • Viaduc Cafe

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