Restaurants in France

None of your trip is complete without tasting different cuisines that are available in different restaurants. There are number of restaurants in France, where you can visit during your trip to the country. There are different kinds of cuisines that are available in the various restaurants. A brief overview regarding French cuisine and various restaurants are given below.

Restaurants in France and French Cuisine

French cuisine has originated over time and their cuisine mainly consists of less spice and lots of herbs and creams. The cuisine also varies depending on the season. During summer season, salads and different kinds of green vegetables is preferred, including different kinds of fruits, on the other hand mushrooms are preferred during the end of summer season. During winter you can find different kinds of fish preparations, along with other different non- vegetarian preparations, while when spring approaches you will find different kind of oyster preparations that are available in the restaurants.

  • La Cordonnerie

This is one of the restaurants in the capital city of Paris, where you can enjoy typical French food and not pizzas and pasta. You will get authentic French food and can choose from different varieties that are available. Prices are cheap and staff is friendly which is an added attraction of this place is. The interiors are well decorated with traditional artifacts and handicraft items, which adds charm to the place. It has low seating arrangements, with small wooden table and stools, which offers wonderful view of the garden.

  • Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme is the place for all dessert lovers of France. You can taste different varieties of desserts, including French dessert and also desserts of different other places. There are different kinds of pastries, mousse, macaroons from which you can select. This place is best suited for breakfast, where you can taste different kinds of sweet dishes along with different other bakery items. Pocket pinch is not very high, so you can eat as much as you want.

  • Au Vieux

Among various restaurants in France, Au Vieux is one of the places where you can enjoy typical local French cuisine. This is one of the places where you can enjoy food and wine at cheap price. The restaurant is run by a French lady, who prepares different kinds of local cuisine, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations. You can also order desserts with your food.

  • Wasabi

If you are in lookout of Japanese food, then Wasabi is one of the restaurants in France where you can taste authentic Japanese items, including sushi. This restaurant is run by a Japanese couple, who serves authentic Japanese preparation.

The interiors are very well decorated with typical Japanese handicrafts and small lanterns, with low seating arrangements. You can enjoy different kinds of sushi, sashimi preparations, local fish preparations, green salads etc. This place is preferred by local people and tourists, who want to taste different kinds of Japanese preparations.

If you want to taste other varieties of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, continental etc, then you can drop in at the following restaurants in France:

  • Lges garcons
  • Le Shalimar
  • L'Arc en Ciel
  • Chez Mounier

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