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Trip to Amiens

While traveling to France, do make a trip to Amiens, a city and commune in northern France. Amiens, located 120 km to the north of Paris, is well connected to Paris and other cities by good highways. Amiens, on the Somme river, also has an airport at Glisy (with FAA / IATA Code: QAM) and is a short flight journey from Paris. No doubt, a tip to Amiens would be full of fun.

Amiens is the prefecture and capital city of the department of Somme with a population of 130,000. Amiens is known for the garden on small islands in the marshland along the Somme River called hortillonnages that are surrounded by a grid of man made canals. The urban area has a population of 155,000. The sister cities of Amiens are said to be Tulsa, Oklahoma and Darlington, and England.

The Paleolithic culture of Acheulean was named by the first identified site, in Saint-Acheul, a suburb of Amiens. Amiens, the Roman Samarobriva, was the central settlement of the Ambiani. Ambiani is one of the principal tribes of Gaul who also issued coinage, probably from Amiens in the first century BCE.

Amiens later became the capital of Picardy. During the World War II, in 1944, the Nazi occupied Amiens was bombed by the British in Operation Jericho. During that time 258 people were rescued from the Amiens prison. There are a number of tourist attraction places in Amiens.

Most of the tourist destinations in Amiens attract a huge number of tourists from all the parts of the world throughout the year. On your trip to Amiens, do visit Amiens Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This thirteenth century classic Gothic church is the tallest and largest of its kind in France. After a fire destroyed the former cathedral, the construction of new nave was begun in 1220 and was completed in 1247 (42 meter high). Amiens Cathedral is known for plan coherence, breathtaking three-tier interior elevation, fine display of sculptures on the principal fa�ade, the transept, and the labyrinth, and floor inlays.

The cathedral also features sixteenth century choir stalls, beautiful stained-glass windows and ornate doorways. The other sight worth visiting is the Musee di Picardi. You would love visiting this place. Besides these, a trip to Amiens would include many other popular destinations that you would love to visit.

So, if you have decided to visit Amiens, you have taken a right decision. Plan your tour, make necessary arrangements and start your journey. You would enjoy your trip to Amiens, that is for sure.