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Trip to Calais

When traveling to France, please do make a trip to Calais in northern France. Calais is the biggest city in Pas-de-Calais but is not the prefecture of the department. The population of the entire metropolitan area was about 125,000 in the year 1999. A trip to Calais would take you to the various tourist attraction places in Calais. You would love the trip.

Calais looks over Strait of Dover. It is the nearest French town to the United Kingdom. Calais has two major rail lines. It is also the first stop on the Eurostar line.

The old part of the town is Calais proper (Calais-Nord), located on a man made island surrounded by canals and harbors. The modern part of the town, St-Pierre, lies to the south and southeast.

Calais is regarded as having been inhabited since ancient times. Dover's infrastructure was beefed up by Flanders Count in 997 and the Count of Bologne fortified it in 1224.

Being in the ferry trade with Dover made this place strategically important to the kingdom of England. In 1347, the town was captured by King Edward III of England, after an eleven months seige, through the Battle of Crécy. The king wanted the town folks killed en masse for defying him so long and then wanted any six principal citizens to offer themselves for execution.

When six did offer themselves to die, his queen begged him to spare their lives which he condescended to. To commemorate the event, the Burghers of Calais (Les Bourgeois de Calais), one of Auguste Rodin's most famous sculptures was erected in the city in 1888 .The town came to be known as the "brightest jewel in the English crown" as it was the gateway for the lead, tin, cloth and wool trade.In 1558, Dover again fell into French hands. The town again saw a few fight between the French, Spanish and the British at different times. Calais Tourism : Very few historical structures remain in Calais after the two wars. Your trip to Calais may include those historical structures as well.

You can visit the Rodin statue, a town hall built in the Flemish Renaissance style and the German military headquarters that has been converted into a museum.

Right to the west is Côte d'Opale, a breathtaking cliff-lined coast section that parallels the white cliffs of Dover. Calais too can be seen from the British shore, which is just 33 kilometers away.

You can immensely expect to enjoy your trip to Calais.

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