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Trip to Dijon

If you are traveling to France, then do make it a point to go for a trip to Dijon. A trip to Dijon in France will surely fill you with the most exciting experience. Yes it is the mustard Dijon town. Dijon is located in eastern France, the administrative capital or prefecture of Cote-d'Or dopartment and of the Bourgogne region. Dijon is also the historical capital of Burgandy, province of Burgundy. The 2005 population of the commune was 150,800 and for the greater Dijon area some 237,000.

Dijon is one hour and 40 minutes to Paris' southeast by the TGV high-speed train. By car, it is three hours. On your Dijon trip you will learn a lot about the country's great history. Dijon history dates back to Divio, a Roman settlement on the road from Lyon to Mainz. Saint Benignus, the city's patron saint, is understood to have introduced Christianity here before he was martyred. On your trip to Dijon you will visit Burgundy. Burgundy province was home to the Dukes of Burgundy from the early eleventh century until the late fifteenth century 1400s when Dijon had a wealthy, powerful history and was a great center for learning art and science.

Dijon Tourism has lots more to offer. On your trip to Dijon you will see many churches and cathedrals. The prominent ones amongst them include Notre-Dame, St. Benigne, St. Etienne and St. Michel. Dijon Cathedral's crypt in memory of Saint Benignus, ten centuries old and Dijon city pay homage to many architectural styles that include Renaissance, Gothic and Capetian. There are still many residences from the eighteenth century. A trip to Dijon has more to reveal.

In Dijon, there are mustard museum, Musee des Beaux Arts in the Ducal Palace which contains mid fifteenth century ducal kitchens and early Renaissance as well as Impressionistic school paintings. Others include Musee Archeologique, Musee de la Vie Bourguignonne and Musee des Beaux-Arts de Dijon. Musee d'Art Sacre and Musee Magnin are the other attractions you will come across on your trip to Dijon.

The International and Gastronomic Fair is held in Dijon every year and is one of the top ten fairs in France. 500 exhibitors vie for the attention of 200,000 visitors. Florissimo international flower show is held every year. Dijon is famous for its mustard sauce. Dijon mustard sauce (moutarde de Dijon) is making of strong mustard sauce. It is understood that the name unfortunately cannot be registered as an EU Protected Designation of Origin. Shops also sell unusually-flavored mustard in china pots.

As Burgundy region's capital, Dijon wine country is among the world's best. Vins d'appellation controlee, such as Vosne-Romanee and Gevrey-Chambertin are closeby. Dijon is also known for blackcurrant liqueur or creme de cassis. This is used in Kir - white wine, typically Bourgogne aligote, with blackcurrant liqueur, the same drink with champagne is known as Kir Royal. This is also one of the attractions you will discover when you go for a trip to Dijon.

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