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Trip to Grenoble

Grenoble is a city and commune in south east France located at the foot of the Alps where the Drac joins the Isère River. 567 km South East of Paris, 55 km South of Chambéry and 103 km South East of Lyon, this ancient capital of the Dauphine, Grenoble is the commercial, intellectual, and tourist center of the Alps region. A major stop for travelers, including those driving between the Riviera and Geneva, a Trip to Grenoble will take travelers to a fascinating land of lots of attractions keeping them spellbound. Also referred to as the ‘heart of the Alps', Grenoble is also a metropolis of the arts and of ideas. Though the town has always looked to the future, it is also gifted with a prestigious past. Surrounded by mountains rising up to 9,900 feet, a Trip to Grenoble is a must while traveling to France.

Whatever ones interest be it cultural, scientific or technical, Grenoble, with its arts and its eleven museums, will be happy to make the visitors stay a pleasant and memorable one. Grenoble with its thriving mélange of modern hustle and bustle on the one hand and historical treasures on the other hand will makes ones Trip to Grenoble the best. One can still see the remains of the city wall dating back to the third century altered with 17th century townhouses and also the first action of the French Revolution in the year 1788 that took also place in Grenoble.

Besides, Grenoble has a very rich cultural life which does not seem strange considering the fact that it is one of the largest cities in France. Several cultural festivals and a booming theatre life, bring crowds from all parts of the world and Grenoble also has several interesting museums to offer to its tourists. These are the tourist attractions in Grenoble. A must see on a Trip to Grenoble for Stendhal lovers is his birthplace and the museum devoted to his life and career. Grenoble will keep the tourist going till the sun comes up with its trendy cafes in the Old Town to the restaurants famous of their Dauphinois cuisine.

Ski resorts, such as the Tignes, Val d'Or and the Val d'Isere, are only a one hour's drive to the South away, were one ski all the year round and this adventure should not be missed while on a Trip to Grenoble. Other main attraction of Grenoble is that it is the sports capital in winter and summer attracting people in large numbers from all parts of the world. The chief town of the department of Isère, is also an important industrial center and a university town. The city first attracted the eyes of the world when the Winter Olympics were held here in the year 1968, leading to a great increase in tourist traffic. Trip to Grenoble has all the thrills and excitements on store.

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