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Trip to Metz

Metz is one of the loveliest places you will discover while traveling in France. A trip to Metz will expose you to the most beautiful architectures of the historical period. On your trip to Metz you will discover some of the most beautiful historical places and come to know a great deal about the place. The popular attractions you will come across on your Metz trip include the places like Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Cathedral of St Etienne, Porte des Allemands, Cathedral - Interior and Esplanade. The Cathedral of St-Etienne which is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Metz has attracted many a tourists. Made of yellow sandstone, the cathedral stands as a pillar of beauty with two towers close to the cathedral.

Your trip to Metz becomes a memorable one as you travel to Musée d'Art et d'Histoire. This is located towards the northeast direction of the cathedral. This is beautifully constructed museum which contains in its basement the remains of the ancient Roman structures which have been excavated. There you will also find the old municipal granary which dates back to the15th Century. There is also an art gallery in the museum where you will find the Gallo-Roman finds forms of medieval religious art.

On your Metz tours you will also discover the Porte des Allemands. The Porte des Allemands is located towards the eastern part of the Rue des Allemands. Here you can find the details of the massive defense work projects over the Seille. There are two towers which belong to the 13th C. There are two bastions which belong to the 15th C. and are located on the outer side of the Porte des Allemands. No tours to Metz are complete without a visit to the Cathedral - Interior. The interior Metz Cathedral which has a superb height of 140ft and is constructed with attractive stained glasses is a classic example of art and architecture. The cathedral belongs to the 14th century -16th century era. A trip to Metz has lots more on store to keep you going.

Located in the Southern aisle of the Metz is the du Mont-Carmel or Chapelle Notre-Dame. This used to be the choir of Notre-Dame-la-Ronde church once and Chapelle du St-Sacrement. The stained glass work was done by Jacques Villon in the year 1957. The Esplanade is located on the southwestern part of the inner city. From here you can enjoy the picturesque views of the Mont St-Quentin and Moselle valley. There are plenty of attractions to make your trip to Metz a memorable experience.

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