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Trip to Nevers

Nevers is a community of central France and the ‘prefecture' or capital of the ‘Nièvre département', in the previous province of Nivernais. Located 260 km South East of Paris, Nevers is situated on the slope of a hill on the right bank of the Loire River at its convergence with the Nievre River. A special Trip to Nevers will take the interesting tourists to the narrow winding streets lead from the quay through the town where there are numerous old houses of the 14th to the 17th centuries. A travelers delight, there are various other tourist attraction in Nevers from many monuments and cathedrals to palaces and forts. If traveling to France do not miss the tourist attractions in Nevers. A trip to Nevers tells you a lot about the rich cultural history of the place.

Amongst the religious buildings the most important is the Cathedral of Saint Cyr-Sainte Julitte. It is dedicated to Saint Quiricus and Saint Julietta, which is a blending of two buildings, and thus has two apses. The apse and transept at the west end are the only remains of a Romanesque church, while the nave and eastern apse are in the Gothic style and belong to the 14th century only. Though there is no transept at the eastern end, the lateral portal on the south side belongs to the late 15th century while the gigantic and elaborately decorated tower which rises beside it is of the early 16th century. A Trip to Nevers will bring the travelers face to face with all these and much more.

A must see while on a Trip to Nevers is the Ducal palace, which also pulls the holiday crowd from far afar. At present occupied by the courts of justice and an important ceramic museum, it was first built in the 15th and 16th centuries. It is one of the principal feudal edifices in central France to date. The portico is flanked at each end by a steeple and a round tower. A middle tower with its great staircase has its windows decorated by sculptures relating to the history of the house of Cleves by the members of which the greater part of the palace was built.

The front of the palace with its open space provides a fine view over the valley of the Loire. The Porte du Croux, a square tower, with corner turrets, dating from the end of the 14th century, is among the only leftovers of the old fortifications. Now the travelers will only find a collection of sculptures and Roman antiquities. A triumphal arch from the 18th century, honoring the victory of Fontenoy and the hotel de ville and a modern building which contains the library, are of some of the tourist interests while on a Trip to Nevers. The Loire, another popular sightseeing for the tourists is also crossed by a modern stone bridge, and by an iron railway bridge.

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