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Trip to Poitiers

The country of France boasts of numerous interesting and wonderful places which the tourists could visit. There are plenty of towns which attract the tourists visiting the country. Poitiers is one of the beautiful towns located in France which you could visit during your trip to the country. The town of Poitiers boasts of numerous tourist attractions which the tourists would surely enjoy. The friendly people of the town would also not fail to impress you with their courteous manners. The details of a trip to Poitiers are given below for the readers to go through.

Location and geographical details
The town of Poitiers is located in west central France on the River Clain. Situated on Seuil du Poitou which is the joining point between the Armorican and Central Massif, the town of Poitiers is visited by many tourists. The men of the town are known as Pictaviens and the women as Pictaviennes. It is one of the historical towns located in the country of France. You would get to learn and understand a lot about the history of the place during a trip to Poitiers.

Tourist attractions in Poitiers
The town of Poitiers is one which boasts of an interesting history. You would be able to find numerous tourist attractions during a trip to Poitiers. The Baptistere Saint-Jean Church located in Poitiers is the oldest church found in the town. The Palace of Poitiers is another attraction which the town boasts of. The Saint Pierre Cathedral constructed during the 12th century is also one of the major attractions of the town. Some of the other tourist attractions in Poitiers include the likes of Mus�e Sainte-Croix, �glise St-Hilaire-le-Grand, Hypog�e des Dunes and Parc de Futuroscope.

Travel to Poitiers
Getting to the town of Poitiers is quite easy and convenient. The town boasts of a railway station which caters to the needs of the travelers. The railway station lies between the TGV route which runs from Paris to Bordeaux. Some of the places in France from where you could reach the town of Poitiers include Angouleme, Limoges, La Rochelle, Paris and Bordeaux. You could board any of the trains operating from the mentioned places to reach Poitiers. You could also go for a trip to Poitiers by air. The presence of Poitier-Biard Airport makes it convenient for the travelers to reach the town by air.

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