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Trip to Touquet

Le Touquet is on a part of the coastline of northern France which is known as the ‘Côte d'Opale' or the ‘Opal Coast'. One of the most fashionable resorts with long sandy beaches, Le Touquet was established in the 19th century. Located in a well-wooded area, it has a wide range of sports facilities and an attractive seafront promenade. Created centuries ago by the British, this sophisticated seaside resort should not any how be missed while on a Trip to Le Touquet. With a population of about 5,500, it has a reputation as the most elegant holiday resort of northern France as the playground of rich Parisians, with many luxury hotels. Through a Trip to Le Touquet one will also be able to buy clothes, accessories or perfumes of high brand and make. This is a place you must visit if you are traveling to France.

The resort was created in the year 1876 by the owner of the Paris newspaper, ‘Le Figaro' as part of a hunting estate. At that time this was an area of wild sand dunes and forest and became known by the name ‘Paris by the sea'. This strict building regulation encouraged other the most talented architects to create original and innovative developments like this one, and all these should not be missed while on a Trip to Le Touquet. Houses called Wimbledon, Sevenoaks and Peppermint recall the rich and famous for those who all flocked out here in the Roaring Twenties and Thirties.

They used to be the eager ones to play golf, cricket and polo by day, and live it up in the casino at night. Though the cricket pitch is now the Stoneham campsite, golf, riding and gambling still thrive in this area. This is one interesting thing you will come across on your trip to Le Touquet. Le Touquet also has many restaurants in the streets near to the beach for the tourists. Seafood is a speciality of this area, but other types of cuisines are also quite famous among the visitors. You must try out these restaurants and their local fares on your trip to Le Touquet.

If there is fine weather then the tourists will be lucky to enjoy eating outside, under a clear sky. Musicians sometimes also perform on the streets for the travelers strolling on the walkways. While on a Trip to Le Touquet one should not forget to window shop, especially to pick up different types of accessories, perfume and various kinds of handbags. Le Touquet is even famous for its tasty food, more some of the cakes, chocolates or ice creams that are available.A trip to Le Touquet has more to offer. A little inland from the beach, the hotels, casino, and expensive villas are spaced out amid acres of woodland, offering every sport imaginable for the tourists who enjoy all types of adventures, particularly golf.

Besides, every year, a spectacular motorbike race called ‘Enduro' also brings thousands of viewers to watch crowds of bikers racing along the beach and through the dunes, doing spectacular ‘wheelies' to gain a few seconds. All these are also a part of the great tourist attractions in Le Touquet.

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