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Trip to Tours

Located in France, the city of Tours has been regarded as one of the most lovely cities which boasts of fantastic attractions. Tours bear a number of historic evidences in the forms of the various magnificent architectural buildings. The incredible beauty of the natural surroundings of the city makes it a popular tourist destination in Europe. Trip to Tours can be quite exciting as you will get to observe some of the most fascinating architectural buildings. Tours lies in the central part of France and is visited by many tourists of the world. A trip to Tours could be a great holiday for the tourists.

On a trip to Tours you will get to see the regions of Touraine which are famous for the vineyards. For some years now Tours has also been popular for being the site of the cycle racing event known as Paris-Tours. Tours is also famous for harboring the Tours Cathedral. Tours has always been in the limelight for being one of the enchanting cities of the country of France. You will get to see several parks in Tours which are well maintained by the authorities.

On a trip to Tours the visitors get to see the serene River Loire that lies to the west of the city. Cher is another river that lies in the northern part of Tours. The houses in the city resemble each other a lot. Most of the houses in Tours are painted in white and their roofs are colored with blue state paint. The old part of the incredible city known as Le Vieux Tours attracts a great number of visitors with its beautiful timbered houses. Place Plumereau is one of the popular sites that harbors a number of pubs as well as eateries. The restaurants located in this area are quite famous for serving excellent culinary delights.

A trip to Tours can be quite pleasing if you visit the open air restaurants which are located in Place Plumereau. In some parts of the city weekly fairs and markets are arranged from where you can get to buy various types of apparels and souvenirs. The magnificent French city is served by Tours Loire Valley Airport that witnesses operations of multiple domestic flights. The bus service in the city is believed to be quite efficient and you can get to visit almost every part of it by availing it.

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