Nightlife in FYR of Macedonia

Macedonia is a traveler's paradise as it has a lot to offer to its tourist all over the world. It is believed that the mountains of Macedonia have a certain kind of mystery, with which it attracts a number of visitors. On one hand you can enjoy the natural beauty of the place and on the other hand you can indulge in diverse outdoor activities. Nightlife in FYR of Macedonia is equally exciting and fun. There are series of disc, nightclubs, casinos, and pubs etc where you can drop in to enjoy your nightlife. Given below is brief overview regarding nightlife in the country.

  • Blue Café Urban Bar

This is one of the stylish bars where you can enjoy cocktails of your choice along with different kinds of music. It is a lounge bar, which is very well decorated and there is an in-house DJ who plays different kinds of music, right from country music, rock, and jazz to contemporary music.

This place is best suited if you want to relax with your friends in the evening, by listening music and enjoying cocktails and mock tails of your choice. Here you can see a mixed crowd, which is happening and cool. Prices of drinks are reasonable, making it one of the favorite joints among tourists and student population.

  • Element

If you want to enjoy your nightlife in FYR of Macedonian outdoors, then you can visit Element. This is a park, which is situated in the city and organizes different kinds of activities for clubbers. At times international DJ hosts different kinds of music shows, which is a huge crowd puller. This place outdoor place is a favorite hotspot during summers, as it is located outdoors and people can enjoy as much as they want, throughout the night.

  • Pizza Liberta

Pizza Liberta is one of the wackiest bars, which has typical interiors. The walls are painted in dark colors and the seating arrangement is low with small wooden stools and tables.

Loud rock music is played and the crowd is cosmopolitan, where most of the people are smoking hookah and cigars. Different kinds of cock tails are available and there is a wooden dance floor where you can drop in if you love dancing.

  • Tunnel

If you are in lookout of a disc, then Tunnel is the place for you. There is an in-house DJ who spins out foot taping numbers. This place is always full of people and it opens its door to visitors after 10 at night. It is advised to drop in early in order to avoid the rush .At times there are dancers who perform and this show is a huge draw, especially the foreign tourists.

  • Café Duomo

Café Duomno is an up market bar, which hosts live music and cabaret performances. This is one of the places where you can see dancers performing cabaret, along with live music. There are musicians who play live music and at times dancers come in from other places and performs, which is a huge crowd puller among localities and foreign tourists. Drinks are available, along with mock tails and other grilled preparations.

Some of the other places where you can drop in to enjoy nightlife in FYR of Macedonia are given below:

  • Kaj Pero
  • Colosseum
  • The Pink Panther
  • The Big Blue