Shopping in FYR of Macedonia

Macedonia not only has various places of tourist attractions, but there are number of shops where you can drop in for shopping in the country. After it became independent, the shopping scenario changed a lot. Previously there were small shops and local markets, but now there are different kinds of shops where you can drop in to buy goods of your choice. A brief overview regarding shopping in FYR of Macedonia is given below.

Shopping in FYR of Macedonia and types of shops

There are different kinds of shops, which sells various items apart from shopping malls. Given below is a list of few such shops from where you can buy goods of your choice:

  • Small Shops
  • Departmental Stores
  • Super Markets
  • Branded Stores
  • Jewelry Shop
  • Boutique Shops
  • Apparel Stores

There are some shops from where you can buy Chinese items, which are available at cheap prices. Prices of goods in branded shops are much higher as compared to these shops. On the other hand if you have plans to buy electrical goods at cheap, then you can do that from these shops, which sells Chinese electrical goods.

Shopping in FYR of Macedonia and famous shops

There are many stores in Macedonia, but two of the most famous stores are:

  • Skopje Bitpazar
  • Green Market

You can buy various items from these two stores, right from apparel, footwear, electrical appliances, household products, stationery, etc. Discounts are offered to buyers from time to time and there are many schemes which the buyers can avail on time of purchase of goods.

Ramstore Mall

This is one of the shopping malls, where you can drop in for shopping in FYR of Macedonia, if you plan to buy branded items. You will get goods of all the famous brands like Mango, Guess, Adidas, Gucci, Diesel etc.

There are mall in malls, supermarkets, chemist etc inside the mall. If you feel bored, then you can drop in at the multiplex and watch the movie of your choice. You can also munch the food of your choice from the food court that is there, serving different delicacies.

In fact popular food chain like McDonalds, KFC etc is also there in the food court. If you are in the lookout of some handmade items and souvenirs, then you can drop in at the shop of Macedonian Tourist Board that sells different handicraft items.

Open Air Bazaar

Shopping in FYR of Macedonia is unthinkable without dropping in at the local open air bazaars, which sells different kinds of local handmade items, terracotta show pieces, traditional artifacts etc. These are basically street shops, which are lined up on either side of the streets, selling such items. You can also find traditional terracotta casseroles, which were used by the people of Macedonia previously. Prices are generally cheap and bargaining is also possible. This place is best suited, if you want to buy traditional artifacts and souvenirs.

Shopping in FYR of Macedonia and mode of payment

Even though the shopping scenario has changed lot post independence, it is advised to carry cash with you, as most of the places do not accept major credit and debit cards. There are some shopping malls where you can use your cards, but not all. Travelers check can be used and exchanged everywhere, but it is advised to issue checks in US Dollars or in Euros in order to avoid inconvenience during shopping in FYR of Macedonia. Most of the shops remain open from Monday to Saturdays, while all shops are closed on Sundays.