Things to do in FYR of Macedonia

Macedonia is another landlocked country in Southeastern Europe that is situated in the central Balkan Peninsula. The country has a diverse landscape, right from mountains, valleys, forests etc. There are many lakes and one of the world's largest river basins is situated here. There are various things to do in FYR of Macedonia during your trip to the country. Given below are few such things that you can do during your trip to the country.

  • The White Tower

Visiting the White Tower of Thessaloniki is one of the things to do in FYR of Macedonia. It is a monument that is located in the capital city of Macedonia and there is also a museum, where you can drop in.

This monument was originally built by the Ottamans to guard the city harbor. The old monument was rebuilt around 1912, when Greece gained control over the entire city. The architecture of the tower is worth noticing, which is made up of white cylindrical drums, of different diameters. The tower has been reconstructed from time to time. Initially it had conical structures of different diameter and before the tower was demolished in 1917, it had a chemise that stood at the foot of the tower. This place has been one of the major tourist attractions from all over the world.

  • Mount Athos

Mount Athos is one of the most beautiful places in earth, where you can enjoy breath taking beauty of nature. There are number of castles, monasteries, old fortress on the mountain slopes and various other caves which you can visit. In fact there are still some caves, where you will find hermits who are busy meditating.

You can also visit the old town and view different old, heritage and architectural buildings and if you wish, you can enjoy boat ride in the old town and if you are hungry, then you can drop in at the different small eateries, that are located on the hills and taste some mouth watering delicacies.

  • Museum of Byzantine Culture

Things to do in FYR of Macedonia are incomplete without dropping in at Museum of Byzantine Culture. The museum opened its door to visitors in 1994 and in order to design the museum, a competition was organized in 1977, in order to get the best design. There are different items of the Byzantine era and different kinds of antique items, which are displayed at the museum. You can also see different types of Byzantine treasures also and the museum currently holds three exhibitions. In fact in 2005, the museum was awarded the Council of Europe's Museum prize.

  • Church of Ayia Sofia

It is also known as the church of St. Sophia and is located at the orchid city of Macedonia. This church is one of the oldest and the most important monuments in the country, that of the middle ages.

Church of Ayia Sofia was built during the first Bulgarian empire, after it was officially converted to Christianity. Some people hold that this church was built during the rule of Knyaz Boris I. The main church was built in 11th century and you can see the frescos of 11th, 12th and 13th century, which is still well preserved and have typical Byzantine paintings. There is another church which was constructed in 2008, named as the Macedonian Orthodox Church, on which Church of Ayia Sofia is reflected.

The various other things to do in FYR of Macedonia and places which you can visit are given below:

  • Monastery of St. Naum
  • Visiting Old Town of Orchid
  • Cave of Alistrati
  • Museum of Macedonian Struggle