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Freedom Square

Freedom Square is an important location in Georgia. It is located at the center of Tbilisi towards the end of Rustavelis Gamziri. The city hall of Tibilisi is is located at the same square. There are other important centers located close to Freedom Square and include the Bank of Georgia and the Branch of Marriott International. At this square you would also find some of the governmental buildings. The Old Tbilisi local government office and Tavisuplebis Moedani are 2 of the major governmental buildings found at the square. The Freedom Square Georgia witnessed several historic movements taking place. All the historical and the political movements which took place in Georgia's Freedom Square had an impact on the socio cultural scene of the country.

Events at the Freedom Square:

Freedom Square is one of the most important places in the country of Georgia that the tourists could visit. The square had a very critical role to play in the country's independence movement. It was at the location of the square that many of the protesters gathered. The Soviet Army crushed the demonstration but could not dampen the indomitable courage and spirit of the people of Georgia to achieve independence.

In the year 1991 the people of Georgia deliberately pulled down the statue of one of the national heroes. The determination of the people of Georgia ensured that the Soviet Union had to declare independence on April 9, 1991. It was declared that Georgia was no longer under Soviet powers thereby paving the way towards the independence of the country.

The Freedom Square saw grand celebrations with the country achieving its independence on April 9th, 1991.Every year the people of Georgia celebrate the occasion with roses and place floral wreaths on the martyrs memorial column. The Freedom Square also witnesses celebrations on each independence day of the country of Georgia.Apart from the Freedom Square there are also some other common places of interests located nearby the place. These include the Georgian Parliament building, Tbilis Opera, Tibilis Opera fašade, Tbilis the Synagogue, Tbilisi Sameba, Sameba Cathedral and Tibilisi Sulfur baths.

Now the Freedom Square has become a common place of tourist attraction with cafes, restaurants and supermarkets located within the vicinity of the area. If you are interested in the knowing all about the history of the country, then the square should be visited when you are traveling to Georgia.

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