Metekhi is a historical district of Tibilisi in Georgia which is located on the hilly areas above river Mtkvari . The district is one of the oldest areas around the city of Tibilisi. Metekhi is one of the must visit places when you are traveling to Georgia. The unique architectural style of the churches located at the place also amaze the tourists.

Architecture of Metekhi Church

The church has a distinct style of its own. Through the Middle Ages period this style was dominant. The church looked somewhat unique with its various projections in different directions. The church was made of dressed stone and bricks. During the period of 17th, 18th and 19th centuries the renovation process took place mostly with the help of bricks.

Legends about the church

There is a belief or legend that the cliff of Metekhi was a memorial site of Habo of the 8th century BC. Another small church has been built on the foot of the cliff mountains. A bridge was constructed on the Mtkvari River in the year 1951. The government of Georgia has taken initiative to restore the historic old Tibilisi district.

Places to visit in Tibilisi

There are various places of interest located in Tibilisi, apart from Metekhi, which you can visit. The other interesting places include Anchisakhti Church, Geoergian State Art Museum and Mtskheta.

Metekhi is also known for its various forms of metal work. There are various forms of art work items available in the district. For the art lovers of the world, the district is the place to visit. The district is also one of the important places for the lovers of fine arts, sculpture and architecture. The art lovers would be able to have a great time in the district and find it a learning experience. The handicraft items which are made in the district also impress the tourists. When you are touring the district make sure that you do not miss out on buying some of the handicraft items which are sold at the market places.

You would also find the local cuisine offered in the district to be of excellent quality. The dishes and desserts which are part of the cuisine in Metekhi serve as one of the attractions of the place. The district is certainly one of the places which you must visit when you are traveling to Georgia.