Narikela is one of the prominent hubs of Georgia. In the capital of Georgia Tibilisi there are various places of interest. Narikela is one of the prominent places of interests located in Tibilisi. Apart from Narikela the other places of interests are Freedom Square, Tibilis Sameba Cathedral, tibilis Sioni Cathedral, Anhcishakti Basilica and Metekhi. The tours and travel operators are cooperatives to the needs of the travelers which includes the fooding and lodging. Narikela in Georgia is basically a coconut. The cocoanut tree sapling was planted in this particular spot long time back. That is why this name has been kept as Narikela just to reminisce the availability of cocoanuts as a ritual pertaining to Hindu ritual and the traditional of Hinduism. Narikela in Georgia is one of the important parts of visit to the famous places in Georgia.

In various parts of erstwhile Soviet Russia there was the dominance of the people of Hindu religion. During any auspicious occasions the cocoanuts religiously worship along with worship to the goddess in several Hindu homes. In Tbilisi cocoanut has been taken as a symbolic worship. A there were good dominance by the people of Hindu religion at every occasions the cocoanut is used to commemorate the occasion.

The other places of interest in Tibilisi are hub of the clothing trade, tourist attractions in Tibilisi, shopping in Tibilisi, educational institutes in Tibilisi and various parks and gardens in Tibilisi.To undertake day's tour in Tibilisi is the same places which are stated in the above paragraph. There are various restaurant located in Tibilisi. These are Peoples Caf� and Restaurant, Marco Polo, Restaurant Tamada, East Restaurant and Taqlaura. There are also hotels located in Tibilisi. These are Villa Berkika Hotel, Hotel Iliania, Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel and Hotel Marriott.

There are famous shopping complexes in Tibilisi available. These are Tibilisi Boutiques, Sisley, Lacoste, Garderob and Hug Boss. The items available in various shopping complexes are Jewelry, Arts and Paintings, Georgian Wine and Cognac and Antiques and other gifts.