Tibilisi Sameba Cathedral

Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral is the main Georgian orthodox Christian church which is located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The church was built around the period between 1995 and 2004. This church is not the only biggest orthodox church in Georgia but all of the entire South Caucasus area. This church is also included in the list of largest orthodox churches in the world. Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral is one of the must visit sites when you are traveling to Georgia.

Details about the cathedral

Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral is located on the Elia Hill on the left bank of the River Kura. The historic center of Tbilisi, named Avlabari, is where you need to travel in order to see the cathedral. The church reflects the traditional architectural styles which is dominant in different parts of the country of Georgia. The cathedral would surely help you understand the history of the country.

The church has nine chapels namely the Chapels of the Archangels, John the Baptist, Saint Nino, Saint George, Saint Nicholas, the Twelve Apostles and All Saints. Out of the nine chapels which are found at the Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral, 5 are located at its lower part. The chapels serves as some of the major attractions of the cathedral.

Natural materials were used for constructing the cathedral. The floor of the cathedral is made of marble tiles. The marble floor is also decorated with mosaic. The entire painting part of the cathedral was performed by a group of talented workers. Plans have been laid to renovate and build the Sameba Complex of the Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral. The place includes things like a bell tower, the residence of King of Georgia, a clerical seminary and theological academy, places of workshop for religious and spiritual matters and a place of rest. The cathedral should not be missed at any cost when you are traveling to Georgia.

Dimensions of the cathedral

The Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral boasts of an area of 5, 000 square meters. The total volume of the cathedral lies at 137 cubic meters. The cathedral stands at a height of about 84 meters. The underground chapel of the cathedral boasts of a volume of 35, 550 cubic meters. The height of the underground chapel is 13 meters. The cathedral is one of the interesting attractions which would provide you with wonderful insights about the place.