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Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral

Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral in Georgia is an orthodox cathedral in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. To the common people this church is known by the name of 'Tbilisi Sioni' with an aim to differentiate it from other churches across Georgia bearing the same name of ' Sioni'. The Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral is certainly one of the must visit places when traveling to Georgia country.

Details about Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral:

Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral is located in old Tbilisi city. The church was built during the 6th and 7th century BC. Since the time of construction of the cathedral, it has been damaged by plenty of the foreign invaders. But the Georgians were successful in rebuilding the cathedral on each such occasion. The current church was built based on the architectural style of the 13th century with some structural alterations made between the 17th and 19th century. This church is the main Georgian orthodox cathedral which the country boasts of.

Architectural Style of Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral:

The Tbilisi Sioni Church is situated on the historic Sionis Kucha area in downtown Tbilisi. The eastern part of the cathedral begins from the right side of the a river. This church is a glaring example of the typical Georgian architecture. In the Northern part of the architectural building, located within the courtyard of the church is a three storied bell tower set up around the year 1425. The bell tower was destroyed by the Persians in the year 1795 and was rebuilt to its modern form in the year 1939.

Importance of the cathedral

The Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral is one of the major attractions located in the country of Georgia that also has a historical significance. It is the same place where the Russian Imperial manifesto was published when the annexation of the country took place on the 12th of April, 1802. The incident occurred in the cathedral when the Russian invaders made the Georgian nobles take an oath in favor of the Imperial crown. The cathedral was at particular moment surrounded by the Russian troops and was being led by General Von Knorring, the Russian commander-in-chief.

It was one of the most important events to have taken place at the cathedral. The Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral had to face numerous invasions at various points in time. The foreign invaders to have attacked the cathedral included the Turks, Timur, Persians and the Russians.

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