Things to do in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a cosmopolitan country where you can find cocktail of different cultures that of Genoese, Spain and various other countries. Even though at first sight the place reminds you of England, but it has a rhythm of its own. There are various things to do in Gibraltar during your trip to the country. Mentioned below are few such things to do in the country.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Visiting the Rock of Gibraltar is one of the things to do in Gibraltar. It is known as Jabal al Tariq, which is a monolithic limestone structure located at Gibraltar. The rock is actually a crown property of United Kingdom and it shares its border with Spain.

There are number of famous places which you see when you visit the Rock of Gibraltar. They are:

  • The Galleries
  • The Moorish Castle

You can also drop in at the natural reserve and the other protected forests that are there near the rocks. There are different kinds of migratory birds and various rare species of animals which you can see at the reserve forest. This place is famous for its natural beauty, flora and fauna.

Apes Den

This place is world famous and is one of the most famous places of tourist attractions. Apes Den is the most popular place to visit on the rocks, where you can see the only native breed of monkey of Europe that is left. These apes are fun to watch and you can also have an amazing view of the bay, which overlooks the rocks.

The rarest species of the Barbary Macaques can be found here and there presence in this place dates back to the time of early British garrisons, when they were kept as pet by them. In fact these apes are native of this rock and you can see them doing various kinds of antiques, which are real fun to see. Apart from this clan, there are five other clans which inhabits in this rock.

Mediterranean Steps

If you love to hike then you can drop in at Mediterranean Steps. This journey starts from the Jews Gate and it goes around south and south east of the cliffs. This hiking involves a lot of climb but it is worth it. The panoramic view which you can have while hiking, is not possible otherwise.

There are number of vistas, where you can rest and enjoy various kinds of cuisines that are available in the eatery. If you wish, you can also put up at the resorts to enjoy the peaceful and serene beauty of the hill.

Dolphin Adventure

Among various things to do in Gibraltar, visiting the Dolphin Adventure is one of the most exciting and interesting thing. Daily trips are available from the Bay and from the straight of Gibraltar, where you can see live dolphins.

There are small motor boats on which this trip is organized and you can see the dolphins from close proximity. There are number of dolphins in the area, which comes very close to the boats, leaping out of the water and displaying various tricks and other acrobatics display. The dolphins are very natural in their behavior, which is very thrilling and exciting to see. Complimentary breakfast is provided during the journey, which is a specialty of this boat ride.

The various other things to do in Gibraltar apart from the ones mentioned above are given below:

  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Whale Watching