Greece cuisines

Greece cuisines have been categorized under Mediterranean cuisines as there are influences of the countries that are in the Mediterranean belt. The influence of other cuisines in Greek cuisine is common as Mediterranean cuisines are influenced by one another. In Greek dishes there are similarities of Italian, French cooking. Greece cuisine is very healthy and there are many restaurants across the world that serve authentic Greece cuisines. The Greeks use fresh vegetables and herbs in their cooking that leaves a very distinct taste in the mouth. The flavors that come out of the ingredients are very clearly understood and therefore loved by food lovers. Being healthy option of eating, Greek cuisine is adopted by many. What brings out the essence in Greek food is the use of olive oil in preparing dishes. The oil is considered healthy compared to other animal fats and vegetable oil used commonly for cooking in many countries. Olive oil is found in most of the dishes in Greece. Many items like breads and other s are made of wheat and barley in Greek cuisines.

Some of the most common ingredients in Greek cuisines are vegetables like potato, tomato, eggplant, onions, green pepper, beans and okra. Honey too is used abundantly for Greece cuisines. Other citrus fruits too are used by Greek cuisines. The wonderful flavors felt and experienced while taking a mouthful of any Greek dish is due to the use of herbs and spices. Some of the spices and herbs are of exotic category which blends with the flavor of the ingredients in the dish to make it tasty. Olives of various types, cheese and other meat products are common in Greek cuisines.

Herbs and spices that are found in Greek cuisines are oregano, mint, bay leaves, mint, rigani, basil, dill, garlic, dhiosmo, fennel, thyme, cloves and cinnamon. All these are used in moderation to and are mixed in certain dishes to bring out the flavor. The sweet dishes in Greece are made of honey, nuts, sugar and syrups. The meat products used in Greek food are pork, lamb, mutton and beef is rarely used in Greek cuisines.

Fish too is an important part of Greek food. The varieties of cheese available in Greece adds to the flavor and taste of the dishes. Wine is accompanied by most of the dishes during meals in Greece. The salads made in the Greek style are very healthy. Many people opt for salads at the restaurants where Greek cuisine is served. The foods is most of the times very colorful and smells good thereby creating a wonderful gastronomic feel. The style of cooking differs at the different regions of Greece. The common meal is Meze where there are many dishes in small quantities with liquor either homemade or from other sources. The most common appetizers in Greece cuisine are boureki, fava, horta and deep fried vegetables.