Famous Tourist Spots in Greece

Greece is known for its culture and heritage descended from the erstwhile time. In fact, this country is considered to be the birth place of the European civilization. At one time the historical cities like, Sparta, Corinth, Athens were perpetually engaged in struggles to emerge victorious in the battle to achieve supremacy. During the fifth century BC the Mediterranean art, drama, sculpture and literature developed in Athens and several other cities in Greece. The modern Greece is completely different from the one it used to be during those days.

It provides its guests with all the modern day luxuries. Moreover, you can easily explore the stark ruins of the erstwhile time as all the best accommodation facilities are within easy reach of the tourist spots. This page gives you information about some of the Famous Tourist Spots in Greece.

Athens: Apart from being the capital of the nation Athens is the largest city in Greece. You will be able to explore the breathtaking view of the surrounding area consisting of all the flat topped hills located at the Acropolis. The 2400 year old monument of Parthenon creates an awe-inspiring view of the area. This monument is considered to be among the classical monuments in the world. Your tour of Athens has a lot to offer you during your tour of the city.

Cape Sounio: Cape Sounio is located at the eastern part of the country. This place is famous for the stark ruins of the Poseidon Temple of the fourth century BC. This is among the most Famous Tourist Spots in Greece mainly because of the wonderful view of the wide panorama that can be enjoyed over here. The view of the island and the sea is simply superb.

Piraeus: This place is located at the heart of the Saronic Gulf, outside Athens. Piraeus is the main port near Athens. You can enjoy a ferry ride from this place to the main land of Greece.

Delphi: This place is one of the Famous Tourist Spots in Greece. This was the Oracle of the ancient Greece and several emperors of the ancient country used to come here, frequently for moral and political guidance. Here you will be able to explore the ancient temple of Apollo. The Delphi museum houses a lot of articles worth exploring. If you are in Delphi you must spend a night at the hilly region of Arahova, the town famous for making cheese.

'Must see' famous places in Greece:

  • Little Venice: This is one most vibrant place which you can visit in Greece. It offers a lovely atmosphere with beach as one of its attractions. Little Venice is a favorite spot for honeymooners as well as the rich and the famous people. Coming to this place one can participate in several fun filled and hair raising activities and turn their uneventful holiday into an eventful one.

  • Santorini: This is one of the most famous places of Greece. It attracts people with its breathtaking view of the whitewashed buildings with blue tomb. Santorini has become a favorite spot for honeymooners. Several filmmakers too find this place as a perfect place of beauty, to shoot some of their movies here. These beautiful white buildings are perched proudly on the volcanic cliff, making it a 'must see' attraction of Greece.

  • Epidaurus Theatre: You must have seen several modernized theatres in your lifetime. But this one is a real wonder to watch. The Epidaurus Theatre is one of the biggest theatres of the world, found in Greece. You can attempt to climb the stairs of this magnificent theatre, which belongs to the 4th century and is beyond doubt an architectural wonder. You can also take a look at the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus. This is a masterpiece of the Greek architecture which was once a cultural centre as well as the healing centre.

  • Melissani Cave: If you are fond of mysteries and a little adventure, you will love this place of Greece for sure. The Melissani Caves are famous and liked by most visitors who come to discover this place on boats. The blue water of the lake surrounded by ancient walls is a splendor in its own way. There is also an island which is covered by fig and which continues into a different roofed part via a narrow transit.

  • Mount Athos: Mount Athos is one of the most famous places of Greece. It is also known as the 'Holy Mountain'. Mount Athos is situated in Macedonia and has been a centre of cultural importance. This has been attached to the Eastern Christian Orthodox Monasticism and also 20 other monasteries which lie along the slopes. This is a spiritual place and allows only men to experience the interesting and intriguing atmosphere owing to the age old historical agreement by the Greek state. The Mount Athos seems totally cut off from the outer world, oozing out peace and serenity in all ways.

  • Acropolis: If you are visiting Greece, you just cannot afford to miss this awesome place. Acropolis stands high and can be viewed from any corner of Athens. It is by all means the pride of Athens. Acropolis is adorned by the internationally famed Parthenon and portrays the Ancient civilization. The temple is built in marble and used to be a home for Athena, the goddesses. At night, this place looks like a dream, being completely illuminated.

Other interesting and famous places in Greece:

Some of the other places of interest in Greece are:

  • Meteora

  • Beaches of Crete

  • Lake Plastira

  • Delphi Ruins

  • Ancient Mycenae