Flights to Greece

During your travel to the country, you can drop in at various places and the country offers innumerable experience to its visitors. There are different airlines which operates flights to Greece. A brief overview regarding different flights and airlines is given below.

Airports in Greece

There are 15 international airports and various other national airports, from where you can avail flights to Greece. You can avail either regular flights or charter flights, which operates from the national and international airport.

International Airports in Greece

  • Athens International Airport
  • Kavala International Airport
  • Rhodes International Airport
  • Chania International Airport

National Airports in Greece

  • Leros Island National Airport
  • Paros National Airport
  • Kithira Island National Airport
  • Araxos National Airport

Apart from the national and international airports mentioned above, there are different other airports, like the military airports and the public airports from where you can avail flights to Greece.

Flights to Greece and airlines in Greece

There are various airlines which operates flights in and the country. You can choose from either low cost carriers or on any of the other airlines which operates flights to Greece. Given below is a list of few airlines which operates flights in and around Greece.

  • Lufthansa
  • Swiss
  • Malev
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar Airways
  • Delta
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Sky Express
  • Athens Airways
  • Airgo Airlines

Apart from the airlines mentioned above, some of the low cost carriers which operate flights to Greece are given below:

  • Air Berlin
  • Wizz Air
  • SkyEurope Airlines
  • Jet 2
  • Snowflake
  • Norwegian

Booking tickets for flights to Greece

Booking tickets in your favorite airlines, whether low cost any other airlines, is easy and hassle free. If you want, you can do that by dropping in at the city office of the different airlines or if you wish you can do it with the help of travel agent also. On the other hand, the easiest way of booking your ticket is with the help of internet. This can be done with the click of your mouse and you can pay it in either with credit or debit card.

If you wish, you can also book your tickets in any of the low cost carriers that operate flights to Greece. In order to attract first time fliers and to retain veteran fliers, the low cost carriers offer various discounts and revised prices of tickets, which make it easier for the passengers to avail flights to Greece, after the advent of the low cost carriers.

Airports in Greece and Facilities Available

Both the domestic and the international airports offer various facilities to fliers who are there in order to catch flights to Greece or to any other places. Mentioned below are few such facilities in the airports in Greece:

  • ATM
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Florists
  • Car Rental
  • Help Desk
  • Hotels
  • Wheel Chair for physically challenged
  • Chemist

When to travel to Greece?

The country experiences different kinds of climate in different parts. In fact, Greece can be divided into a number of areas, which experiences variety of climate. If you want to enjoy your stay in the country, then it's better to book your tickets for flights to Greece during autumn and spring. But if you want to feel the true spirit of the country, then it is advised to visit from June to August.

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