Restaurants in Greece

Greece was initially a conservative country when it was only known for its agrarian economy and for olive oils and peaceful beaches and islands. But after that the country has evolved a lot and has a lot of famous places where you can drop in during your trip to the country. If you wish to taste different kinds of delicacies, then you can drop in at the various restaurants in Greece. A brief overview regarding various restaurants serving different delicacies are given below.

  • Spondi

Spondi is one of the restaurants in Greece which serves French cuisine of different varieties. You will feel as if you are below an ocean, as the interiors have dim light which have bluish tinge. Interiors are very well decorated and it has small, cozy seating arrangements, which is preferred mostly by foreign tourists and to those who wants to enjoy different kinds of food items, apart from local cuisines.

There are various kinds of food items which are available and you can also choose from different kinds of sweet dishes, depending on your choice. The staff is friendly, services are prompt and prices are reasonable, which makes it one of the favorite destinations for all French food lovers.

  • Kuzina

There are very few restaurants, which have outdoor seating arrangements. Kuzina is one of the restaurants, where you can enjoy your food seating outdoors. This place serves food of different varieties, apart from local delicacies.

Kuzina is one of the restaurants in Greece, which is located atop a hill and you can have a look at the Acropolis which are lit up during night and offers wonderful view. There are a number of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes from which you can order you food. You can also order mock tails of your choice. There are special dishes for kids also and if you want you can opt for baby sitters and enjoy your food peacefully. It is advised to book your table before you visit, in order to avoid the rush.

  • Paradosiakio

Paradosiakio is one of the restaurants in Greece which serves authentic traditional food items and is also famous for serving innovative Greek food items. The interiors are very well decorated, with traditional furniture and artifacts and the food is homely, healthy and delicious, which is a favorite destination for all foreign tourists.

Prices are reasonable and staff is friendly, which is also an added advantage of this place. You can choose from various items like eggplant salad, fried cheese, appetizers and various other items. You can also choose from various non vegetarian items, including various kinds of local delicacies. The names of menus are written in English, so tourists do not face any problem.

  • Ratka

If you wish to enjoy different types of grilled food items then you can drop in at Ratka. This is one of the restaurants in Greece, which has a bar and serves different kinds of cock tails along with mock tails. You can also select from various kinds of traditional grilled items and enjoy listening old music that is being played in the background. Prices are reasonable and services are prompt, which makes it one of the favorite destinations for evening get- together.

Some of the other restaurants in Greece where you can drop in during your trip to the country are given below:

  • L' Abreuvoir
  • Kitsoulas
  • Oro Toro
  • Pandelis
  • Mommy