Sightseeing in Greece

Greece is a country where you can find the past is very well merged with the present. It is such a country where you will find various European architecture and historical structures and on the other hand you can see shopping malls and various other amusement centers. You can visit many interesting places for sightseeing in Greece during your trip to the country. A brief overview of sightseeing in and around the country is given.

  • The Acropolis

The Acropolis of Athens or the Citadel of Athens is one of the best known and most important acropolis in the world. Even though there are many other acropolises, this is very famous, where a number of tourists drop in every year. The word acropolis means "city in the edge" and is situated atop and were used previously as a shelter and protection from enemies.

It towers over the capital city and it offers beautiful view of the surrounding city. If you love to hike, then you can hike all your way and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The place is a reminiscent of past, which shows how the Greeks fought bravely in order to save their country. The remains of the original acropolis looks like an ancient fort, which is still standing amidst all odds. While Sightseeing in Greece, you can drop in at the Acropolis which is worth paying a visit.

  • Corfu

If you love islands and beaches, then this is the place for you. Corfu is the second largest and the greenest island. This place has the highest number of rainfall and there are many forests and marshy lands, where you can find different kinds of herbs and rare plants.

The place is quiet and lonely and the beaches are clean, where you can engage yourself in various kinds of beach activities and if you wish, you can also go for boat rides. While cruising in the river, you can have a look at the olive grooves that are there on either side of the islands and have formed a thick canopy.

  • Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum is one of the other places where you can drop in for sightseeing in Greece. This museum is focused on finding out the archaeological sites and items which are related to that site. The museum was in fact built in order to store and preserve all the items which were found in the rocks, which dates back its origin to the Greek Bronze till the Byzantine Greece era.

This museum was built in 2003 and was opened to pubic on June 21, 2009. The museum is located atop the 'sacred rock' and this museum is one of the largest modern buildings, which are being erected near the archaeological site.

  • Cape Sounion

If you love archaeological sites, then you can drop in at Cape Sounion, which is an ancient ruin of the Greek temple of Poseidon, which is known as the god of the sea. Amidst the ruin of the temple, you can find the name of the Lord Byron engraved. This site is popular hiking spot, from where you can enjoy sunset and sunrise over the Aegean Sea.

Apart from the temple ruins, you can stay in the upscale resorts and condos and relax in various spas. You can also relax in the private beaches and involve in various other beach activities, to enjoy your vacation.