Trip to Athens

The best time to take a trip to Athens is during the summer and spring months. During this time it is possible to look around the city in a comfortable way. Summers in Athens can be very hot and humid and if you want to avoid the stickiness in the air, then you should opt for a trip to Athens in spring. The summer and spring months have the maximum inflow of tourists. Many tourist avoid the cold climate in their country and enjoy the sun and sand of Greece. Athens apart from being a historical city has many attractions strewn about that are an attraction for those who are taking a trip to Athens. Athens was considered a seat of learning art and philosophy. Many great philosophers were born and became famous in Athens. The culture and heritage of Athens are derived from the Byzantine and ottoman civilizations that started from Greece and spread to other parts by conquering territories. All the attractions in Athens have history attached to it.

The places to visit in Athens is Acropolis. This is one of the heritage sites and attracts maximum number of tourist.

There is also a museum where various relics of the past are kept for the visitors to have a look. The acropolis belonged to the Bronze Age and are therefore bears testimony of the age. There are temples in it where the ancient civilizations worshiped gods and goddesses. Another part of the Acropolis is the The Ancient Agora that belonged to the Athenian Empire. The remains of the Temple of Olympiad Zeus belonged to this civilization. You can visit the Panathinaiko Stadium that was built many years ago.

This site was used to play the Olympic games. To know more about the history and culture of Athens, you can visit the National Archaeological Museum where there is an amazing collection of artifacts and historical ruins.

To go for shopping trip to Athens, you can visit Plaka where there are flea markets and other shops to buy many interesting items. traveling in Athens is easy and convenient. There are taxis and buses to take you to the various parts of the city. The currency of Greece is drachma, and dollars are accepted only at few places in Athens. However you can always pay by the means of the credit cards in Athens. Therefore while taking a trip to Athens, make sure you have the currency exchanged. The international airport offers flights in and out of Greece and Athens being the capital city has many travel options like trains and rented cars.