Trip to Crete

Crete has all the time been considered as one of the most attractive as well as popular destinations in the country of Greece. Numberless tourists visit Crete every year in almost all the seasons. If you have some planning for a trip to Crete in the very next vacation of yours, this page will help you a lot, since, we are providing you with the important as well as necessary informations that will facilitate you during your trip to Crete.

If you are traveling to Crete from a foreign country, you need to go to the city of Heraklion at first. It is the very city in Crete where the port as well as the airport is situated.

From here you may go for a taxi trip to Crete. It will be quite interesting as well as adventurous for you. If you are fond of adventure by nature, you are surely going to appreciate the taxi trip to Crete. Before hiring the taxi, get the affairs related to the fares finalized. Otherwise there may be problems at the time of your paying the bill. Except this there is no such risk. One more thing that you must get sure of is if the driver of the taxi has got the legal and duly permitted driving license or not.

Book your accommodation in Crete much earlier than you set out for Crete.

If your trip to Crete happens to be a longer one, you may book your accommodations in more than one place in Crete so that you can stay at one place and visit the interesting and attractive tourist destinations that are near to that place, and then move to the other place after some days, and get around that place in Crete.

Wherever you may go during your trip to Crete. But, be sure not to miss to visit three places in Crete. These places are Chania, Heraklion, and Agios and Elounda. Chania houses the Venetian harbor and also the old town. There is a magnificent archaeological museum in one of the very old Venetian church. The collection of the mosaics and the sculpture in this museum is really appreciable. In respect of geographical and economic importance, Heraklion is in a comparatively higher position than the other cities and towns. It is also important for the wide range of unique archaeological collections that are found in abundance in Heraklion. Agios and Elounda are the houses to beautiful harbors and lakes and marina. Here, the restaurants are reputed for serving exotic dishes to the customers.