Wildlife Holidays in Greece

Greece is in the continent of Europe.�The place can cater to the needs of different types of travels. It is an ideal tourist destination for nature lovers. If you really have a liking for wildlife and nature then you can plan wildlife holidays in Greece with your family or with your partner. Greece is the home of of many types of rare birds and animals. The country has wetlands, forests and ecosystems.

While planning�the wildlife holidays in Greece you need to include the outstretched palm of the Mediterranean sea in your list of spots. The Peloponnese peninsula is one of the most exquisite and unspoilt parts of the country. A wildlife trip in the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece covers certain areas which offers you to see different flowers and wildlife.

You can encounter many wild animals and birds such as eagles and many other animals. You can also find purple herons and little egrets in the coastal bays and lagoons.

The mountains of the Southern Peloponnese is one of the main hot spots for wildlife in Greece. The place has two great massifs known as Taygetos and Mounts Parnon. The meadows of Taygetos is a place where you will come across rich flora and fauna. The places offer more than twenty enzootic plants and even an endemic butterfly. The place also focuses on reptiles. You will also get to see beautiful sceneries. The place is generally warm and hot.

It remains sunny almost for most of the year. So if you are planning to visit the place during the summer months then you can face tremendous heat. However, occasional rainfall along with thunder storm is also possible. The place has several hotels of good standard. Most of the hotels are of three star standard and have the necessary comforts.

You can also choose Methoni castle and can include it within your wildlife holidays in Greece tours. You will get to see both birds and flowers in this place. After that you can visit the Nestor's Palace. Mani is another popular wildlife tourist spot in Greece. You can explore the coasts, mountain groves, gorges and olive groves and flowers in this place. The place is famous for flora covers and the landscape is covered with�sheets of colors. Orchids are available in plenty. Birds are also found. The main birds include Purple Heron, Garganey, Yellow Wagtail, and other migratory birds. Butterflies are also available in plenty in this area. Tortoises and terrapins are among the reptiles which are available in this area.