Nightlife in Hungary

Nightlife in Hungary is always vibrant and lively. Even though the country has developed recently the locals always loved to party. There are number of nightclubs scattered all over the country, but the capital city of Budapest has a number of bars, pubs, casinos, lounge etc. A brief overview of various nightclubs is mentioned below.

Nightlife in Hungary and Budapest

Apart from bars, disc, pubs etc, the capital city of Budapest has some casinos also where you can drop in to enjoy your nightlife. Most of the casinos opens post mid night and remains open up to dawn. If you wish to enter the casino then you have to carry your age proof because if you are below 18 you cannot enter the casino. One of the casinos is located next to hotel Sofitel Hotel and the other is located near Buda Castle. Some of the nightspots in Budapest where you can visit during your trip are as follows:

  • Little Dive Bar
  • Paul's Pub
  • Galeria Café
  • Longford Irish Pub

Clubs and Discos in Hungary

Enjoying nightlife in Hungary is not possible without dropping in at various clubs and discos. Mentioned below are names of few such clubs and discos in and around the country:

  • Almassy ter

Almassy ter is one of the pubs which is located on the first floor of the building and it has an in-house swimming pool along with live music, DJ nights and a make shift dance floor. The place is huge and is scarcely decorated with minimum furniture and the walls are painted with different types of motifs and various music scenes.

The in-house DJ plays different types of music and there is a make shift dance floor where you can dance, while the DJ plays some foot taping numbers. You can choose drinks of your choice from the bar that is there, which houses a wide variety of drinks and mock tails.

  • Café Underground

As the name suggests, Café Underground is an underground bar, which has a typical retro and bohemian crowd comprising mostly of young crowd. People who drop in here wear typical attire that of Kangol hats, casual yet loud color clothes etc, which have a typical bohemian outlook. The DJ plays typical funky music and the crowd is busy smoking and drinking.

  • Cotton Club

If you wish to go back to the era of 1920's gangster and if you want to enjoy your nightlife in Hungary in a typical style that of Vikings and pirates, then Cotton Club is the place for you.

The interiors are decorated with bright colors and dark wooden furniture, where you can sit and enjoy wild performances that of American classics. Live music is played and this is one of the attractions of this club. Liquor is cheap and is easily available. The place remains crowded most of the time, so it is better to drop in early to avoid the rush.

  • Fono Music Club

Fono Music Club is different kind of club, where you can also hear contemporary songs like folk, gypsy, jazz and other world music. You can also listen to live performances of musicians and can sip the drink of your choice. This is basically a music bar where you can hear music of different genres.

Some of the other places where you can drop in for enjoying nightlife in Hungary are given below:

  • E Klub
  • Kameleon Klub
  • Piaf
  • Zold Pardon