Sightseeing in Hungary

During your trip you can drop in at various places for sightseeing in Hungary. Apart from the capital city of Budapest and the Danube River, there are various other places. A brief overview regarding various places where you can drop in for sightseeing is given below.

  • Matthias Church

For sightseeing in Hungary, you can drop in at Matthias Church which is located in the capital city of Budapest and is located at Buda's Castle district. This church was built in a typical Romanesque style of 1015. The present building was constructed in the second half of the 14the century and it was restored again in the late 19th century. This church is the second largest church of the medieval time and is the seventh largest church of the medieval time in the Hungarian Kingdom.

The interiors of the church are typical representation of the medieval art and architecture. Most of the medieval painting are restored and is one of the major tourist draw.

  • Parliament Building

The Parliament Building is also known as the Hungarian Parliament Building is one of the heritage buildings and Europe's oldest legislative building. It is one of the prominent landmarks and popular tourist destination which is located on the bank of River Danube.

The Parliamentary building is the largest and the second largest building in Europe. The structure represents typical Gothic revival style and the facades are symmetrical in nature, along with a number of dome shaped structure. The interiors include a number of courtyard, staircase and elevators, which are worth viewing. The main building faces the Danube River and there are more than 242 sculptures in the entire building.

  • Great Synagogue

The country has a number of famous places and historical buildings which you can visit. The Great Synagogue is one such synagogue which is also known as Dohany Street Synagogue, is the largest synagogue in Eurasia and the second largest in the whole world.

This synagogue can accommodate more than 3000 people at a go and it is center of Neolog Judaism. Apart from the museum, there is also the house of Theodore Herzl, which is now converted into a Jewish museum. The museum was built in 1930 which represents typical architectural style which is similar to the synagogue and it was attached with the synagogue in 1931. This building strongly represents Holocaust and is reflected from the architecture.

  • Margaret Island

Margaret Island is one of the most beautiful islands which is located in the middle of River Danube and has number of landscape garden and parks and is one of the most popular tourist destinations which you can visit for sightseeing in Hungary. The island actually consists of three islands that were developed during the late 19th century. There are different places of attraction which you can visit during your stay in the island. The names of few such places are given below:

  • The Centennial Memorial
  • A Small Zoo
  • Octagonal Water Tower
  • Music Fountain
  • Music Well

Some of the other places which you can visit for sightseeing in Hungary are mentioned below:

  • City Park
  • St. Stephens Basilica
  • Hortobagy National Park
  • Eger
  • Lake Balaton