Wildlife Holidays in Hungary

Hungary is a fascinating country located in central Europe and boasts of many spectacular tourist destinations. Hungary is full of beautiful places and each city of this spectacular country is home to many famous tourist attractions. If you are planning for an adventurous holiday then visit Hungary and go for wildlife tour. Wildlife holidays in Hungary offer a wonderful experience especially for nature enthusiasts. Millions of tourists visiting the country love to go for a wildlife tour. Hungary is known for its scenic beauty ranging from beaches and mountains to mesmerizing landscapes, the country is a must visit place in Europe.

The foothills of Carpathian mountain range and other hills are home to various species of flora and faunas. Wildlife holidays in Hungary will take you to the regions where one can enjoy bird watching.

North eastern Hungary is famous for butterflies and tourists visiting that part of the country love to enjoy watching these beautiful insects. Many natural regions of the country boasts varied species of wildlife creatures. Many natural regions of the country have been transformed into parks and reserves making it more wildlife friendly.

The Bukk hills are located at the foothills of the Carpathians. In 1976, a national park was established here which not only protects the wildlife species but also the historical and geological sites. Wildlife holidays in Hungary remain incomplete if you do not visit the Bukk Hills and experience its natural splendor. The lower woods and valleys of the hills are fascinating with scrub-steppe, beech-hornbeam-oak forests, meadows, rocky limestone slopes and crags and oak-dotted pastures. This kind of habitat attracts many bird species such as woodpeckers, eagles and several other species of birds.

While going for wildlife holidays in Hungary do not forget to visit Hortob�gy Puszta. It is said to be a famous wildlife area and has been named as one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here one can find a variety of species of birds like white-tailed eagle, pygmy cormorant, bearded tits, purple heron, penduline, great white egret and spoonbill. The Forests of the Zemplen Hills is great place to visit while on a wildlife tour in Hungary. Here you will find wide range of raptors and other animals. The famous Tokaj vineyards are also located in this region. So plan your holidays to Hungary and enjoy exploring the spectacular natural regions the country has to offer. For planning a wildlife holiday in Hungary, contact your nearest tour agent today.