Iceland cuisines

Fish is the most important part of Iceland cuisines. Fishes are available in plenty in Iceland. Other popular items of cuisines of Iceland are lamb and various dairy products. Though the climate of the country is quite harsh, the dishes of Iceland are quite diverse. Lamb and fish grow in unpolluted atmosphere and these two forms the base of most Iceland cuisines. For this very reason, the cuisine of Iceland is considered to be very healthy. The food items of Iceland do not show much influence of other countries. They have developed their unique cooking styles. The ingredients used for preparing are usually available locally.

Popular food in Iceland:

People of Iceland consider tradition to be very important and so they often consume 'Žorramatur'. 

It is the traditional food of Iceland and is also considered to be the national dish. This food item is generally consumed during the months of January and February. 'Žorramatur' contains various items such as dried fish, rotten shark, fried sheep heads and ram's testicles. This particular dish forms an important part of the traditional Iceland cuisines. The country is an island and thus seafood also forms the main part of Iceland cuisines. The types of fishes which are included within the cuisine of Iceland are Haddock, Trout, Herring, Cod and salmon. Lobster and ocean perch are also important food of Iceland.

The fish are smoked, dried and baked to make the various dishes. Garlic is commonly used for preparing a number of dishes in Iceland. Another prominent food item of Iceland is 'Hįkarl'. To make this preparation you need to bury the meat for three long months. The dishes which are based on lamb are also well known in Iceland. The meat is cut in longitudinal shapes and is served with mustard sauce. Like all the other Iceland cuisines, these dishes are also prepared in a unique manner. The way of preparation may seem very unusual to the people who are not from Iceland.

All the food that is prepared helps the people of Iceland to keep themselves warm in such a severe cold temperature. Dairy products are also important part of the food habits of Iceland. Cheese and milk are the important dairy products of Iceland and it is a favorite item with the people of the country. You will come across about 80 types of cheese in the country. Strong beverages are usually consumed in Iceland. Different types of Vodka and Brennivin are generally consumed by the people of Iceland.