Nightlife in Iceland

Even though it is small island nightlife in Iceland is vibrant and lively. The islanders spent their weekends partying whole night. The nightclubs in the Iceland are cool and happening and you can see a cosmopolitan crowd in the bars and pubs. There are different variety of nightclub where you can drop in depending on your mood and taste. A brief overview regarding nightlife is given below.


Sirkus is one of the coolest club and lounge bar where you can drop in to enjoy your nightlife in Iceland. This is the most popular nightspot in Reykjavik where you can drop in to hear underground music along with alternative music. The crowd is young who is busy smoking and drinking. It is better to drop in early in order to avoid weekend rush. Even though it is open on all seven days, it is on weekends when it is most crowded.


If you love dancing then Nasa is the place for you. This is one of the nightclubs which play music of different genres and various feet taping dance numbers. The crowd is mostly young and consists of college goers. There is a dance floor and an in-house DJ who plays live music. Prices of drink are cheap, making it a one stop destination for all music and dance lovers.


If you wish to spend your nightlife in Iceland in a small, dingy place listening to some old country music along with live performances, then Glaumbar is the place for you. Live music is played in the evening and you can drink some of the best malt whiskies. If you want to relax with your close group of friends, by listening to old music, then you can visit this place. Staff is friendly and services are prompt, which is an added advantage.

Café Paris

Café Paris is one of the coffee shops in Iceland, where you can hear traditional music and sip your favorite coffee. This place remains open throughout the night and is best to drop in during winter. It has outdoor seating arrangements, where you can sit at small wooden stools, and listen to the music being played by the musicians.

Some of the other nightspots where you can drop in to enjoy your nightlife in Iceland are mentioned below:

  • Dubliner
  • Kaffi Akureyri
  • Bar Yello
  • Solon
  • Runtur