Wildlife Holidays in Iceland

Wildlife holidays in Iceland are opted by wildlife lovers and tourists, for the flora and fauna of the place is unique compared to its neighboring countries. The wildlife of Iceland is distinctive more so because of the un-spoilt territories and the very low populations. Most of the population is only concentrated in certain section of the country. The location near the Arctic Circle enables many birds to make Iceland their home. There are many reasons why wildlife holidays in Iceland are very famous. The location of the country near the two zones of the Arctic region gives rise to the number of migratory birds that fly in to make their nests in Iceland. The birds commonly found in the migratory season include species like Harlequin Duck, Barrow's Goldeneye and Great Northern Diver.

There are a variety of bird species that have their permanent homes in Iceland. Ornithologists have their favorite haunts during the migratory season when birds come from the Arctic region.

During your wildlife holidays in Iceland, you can also experience the wonderful sceneries. The existence of the volcanoes and the glaciers has created an amazing geographical landscape thereby attracting f many birds and animals species. On your wildlife vacation in Iceland you will be able to view the great and magnificent blue whales. The west coast of Iceland is the place where you can enjoy the amazing blue whale sightings. The marshes are the place where you can find birds like waders, terns and wildfowl. In the coastal areas you will be able to see the sea birds like Gyrfalcon, Snow Bunting. The Pink-footed geese too are found in Iceland.

There are varieties of whales like Humpback, Blue Whales, Minke and Orcas among others. The best time to for planning wildlife holidays in Iceland is during spring in months of July and August. You can book hotels and resorts in the capital city of Reykjavik from where you can visit all wildlife places in Iceland. The natural surroundings are so uninhabited and un-spoilt that the birds and animals can nestle in peace. The lakes and peninsulas in the country are also the place where you can find attractive wildlife viewing options. The amazing variety of the wildlife makes Iceland also a favorite place for amateur photographers and filmmakers. Traveling in and out of Iceland is very easy as there are many ways of going from one place to another.