Aland Islands, Finland

The Aland Islands, Finland is actually a comprehensive form of more than 6000 islands in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea and this beautiful island is located in between Sweden and Finland and directs to the east of Stockholm. Total expansion of this island is almost 1500 km2 and in this island there are almost 25,000 inhabitants who are the integral parts of this place. In the main language in which they talk is the Swedish. Although the islands of Aland do enjoy a certain form of autonomy but they are also having a certain form of the province of Finland. For several centuries the islands of Aland Islands actually remained under the the crown of Sweden and this thing was also applicable in the case of Finland as a whole. Later on the Aland islands came under the possession of Russia in the year1809. Later on in the time of the Chrimean War (1853 - 1856) the islands of Aland acted as sources of great strategical importance for Russia.

The Aland Islands, Finland is famous for its natural beauty and awesome natural settings. The more you will roam around this place, you will find yourself involved with the spirit of the land. Economy of the Aland Islands, Finland is mainly prevailed by the business of shipping, trade and tourism.

The shipping industry of this place is the representation of almost 40% of the whole economy and there are also with several international carriers which are owned and operated off from these islands. But apart from this industry, most of the companies are small and there are not much employees are working. There also other important sources of income which includes farming and fishing and they are important in combination with the food industry. In the recent times there are some high-profile technology companies which have left their contribution to the prosperous economy of this place.

The Aland Islands, Finland is such palace which houses several islands and lakes, lush vegetation and forests and outcroppings of granite. The countryside of Finland is famous for striking beauty and great resources of tourism. Thee most favorite spots for the tourists are the historical places of the land and you can definitely enjoy the tours of cruises on the biggest lake of this place which is known as the Saimaa. The place Lapland with its rich resource of flora and reindeer has also attained a great deal of popularity among the tourists.