Arctic Islands, Norway

Arctic Islands, Norway are located in the northern limits of Norway. With the weathering action of both the winds and water, the edges of the Arctic Islands, Norway are extremely rugged. Another interesting fact about Arctic Islands, Norway is that they area storehouse of several minerals and metals. Off late crude oil has also been found in these islands . Located in the extreme corner of the continent, Arctic Islands, Norway are known for their treasure house of natural reserves. With the Poles just a few miles from the Arctic Islands, Norway the climate in Arctic Islands, Norway is cold almost through out the year. Moreover, these islands also offer some exciting holiday opportunities for the nature lovers. Another interesting feature about the Arctic Islands, Norway is that they are under the direct effects of warm ocean currents. Hence the rocks and soils in the Arctic Islands, Norway are continuously facing the warm effects of the oceans current s as well as the chill of cold Polar winds. Hence, you may easily hear cracking sounds of rocks at night as they crack due to the hot and cold effects of weathering.

Although considered as inhospitable, in the winter months, Arctic Islands, Norway is one of the major tourist spots in Norway. In order to reach Arctic Islands, Norway one must book a ticket for a regular ferry service or cruise service. For the Arctic Islands, Norway are away from the mainland of Norway. Foreign tourists can come to Arctic Islands, Norway, after they have landed in any of the international airports of Norway. The history of v have proved the presence of earliest inhabitation of man.

Many excavations work have also led to the finding of rings, metal weapons, utensils, stone statues and a whole lot of other memoirs used by ancient man. Biologists and environmental scientists too have been taking a keen interest in the Arctic Islands, Norway. For , Arctic Islands, Norway is one of those islands in the entire world, which have been worstly affected by global warming. Moreover, the Poles of the Earth remain without any sunlight for most parts of the year. During the six months of long night, that the Poles witness, one can witness a brilliant aerola of the sun from the Arctic Islands, Norway. As long as you can tolerate the bone chilling cold winds at Arctic Islands, Norway you may always witness this brilliant sight from the Arctic Islands, Norway. See to it that you carry enough warm clothes and protective garments along with you as you plan to visit Arctic Islands, Norway.