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Azores, Portugal

Azores in Portugal is one of the major attractions in the country. Comprising of nine islands, the archipelago of Azores in Portugal is situated om the northern Atlantic Ocean. The islands of Santa Maria, Flores, Corvo, Faial, Terceira, Graciosa are some of the popular islands that form a part of the Azores archipelago in Portugal. Well known for the splendid natural beauty and breathtaking beauty of the oceans, Azores is divided into three widely separated groups.

The climate of Azores is subtropical. It represents a high degree of humidity and hence during many months, one comes across unusually high temperatures in the region. Otherwise, the weather and the climate remain peaceful and pleasant. An exciting aspect of Azores archipelago lies in the huge flora and fauna that one can observe there. Regarded as an autonomous region in Portugal, the region offers limited autonomy to the regional assembly that is authorized to exercise its powers within the provisions of the Portuguese constitution.

Azores in Portugal is one of the renowned places for both the domestic and foreign travelers. As for the places that are a must see while in Azores, one can visit Arouca Monastery and Saint Mafalda's Tomb. This religious and historical structure has been constructed in the classical Roman style and provides for an impressive collection of 30 rare pictures of Saint Mafald, depicting the events in his life. Azores is one of the key islands of Europe.

The Mill's Route accounts for 17 mills, all lined systematically. Located at the Alvarenga Parish, this place is popular as Mill's Route and offers an insight into the traditional architecture of the region. The Misericordia Church at Peniche is a popular monument that has 55 paintings under a covered roof. The Peniche's fortress is another important attraction that is frequent visited by travelers to Azores in Portugal.

The Figueira da Foz, a popular chapel, is quite a hit with those who are artistically inclined. Founded in the 10th century, the Cantanhede Church offers a peaceful ambiance along with exquisite interiors. Santos Rocha Municipal Museum is a popular attraction and shows several collections of religious sculptures, glass structures and numismatic items and attract a substantial number of tourists from all parts of Europe.

Azores in Portugal provides for a beautiful and breathtaking view of sea all around the place. The place offers facilities for decent accommodation while the travel and tour companies in the region promote Azore travel in a major way. Azores is one of the most wonderful locations in the region that travelers would not give a miss.

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