Eilean Shona, Scotland

Among the many beautiful Islands of Europe, Eilean Shona, Scotland, is one of the noted ones. Eilean Shona Island is a very picturesque and scenic island and is located on Scotland's West Coast. Scotland's Eilean Shona Island is a privately owned island. Eilean Shona, Scotland, encompasses an enviable 2000 acres set at the entry point of Loch Moidart, just a little away from Ardnamurchan peninsula. The length of this island in Scotland is two and a half mile and the width of the island is about one and a half mile. The distance of Eilean Shona, Scotland from the mainland is not much but the landscape is so unique that one will feel transported to an entirely different and new world.

From the mainland, only a short boat ride separates this beautiful island. The pristine beauty and tranquility of the island is a great way to soothe one's mind. The island is totally segregated from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are almost no shops, no cars, no television and no paths for flights. There are availability of post and newspapers, but they are available only if one really need them or want them. The eastern side of the island is wooded with a wide variety of trees and its western side is rugged and wild. The point which is the highest in Eilean Shona, Scotland, is about 265m high above sea level and it presents a breathtaking views of the Arisaig, Ardnamurchan and the Hebridean islands.

In the South Western tip, Shoe Bay is located. It is a very beautiful beach and the travelers and tourists who come here just cannot have enough of it. The wildlife in the island is really amazing and spectacular. One can find a lot of wild species, such as deer, seabirds, the reticent otter, seals, eagles, prey birds, occasional pine marten and red squirrels. One of the historically significant features of the island is the presence of the ruins of Castle Tioram. The island has been the background for many children stories written by famous writers.

Be an adult party or a family holiday, Eilean Shona, Scotland, is a perfect destination. The natural beauty and the varied landscapes of the island is sure to blow you over. One can indulge in creative activities like painting, writing, and photography. Birdwatching is also a very popular activity in Eilean Shona, Scotland. A perfect vacation is ensured.