Ile d'Aix, France

Ile d'Aix, France is one of the many islands off the French coast. The island stretches for about 300 acres and is the residence of almost 200 people. The Ile d'Aix, France is located at the mouth of the river Charente. Here the river meets the Atlantic Ocean, after meandering through its courses. Most geologists are of the opinion that the Ile d'Aix, France was once a part of the mainland. Over the years, the sea water took over the land in such a way that the Ile d'Aix, France got detached from the rest of the land.

It was as early as 1067, that Isembert de Chatelailon shifted his rule over the Ile d'Aix, France to the Cluny. When the Hundred Years War in Progress between France and England, Ile d'Aix, France was overtaken from France by the English. The English continued to rule over Ile d'Aix, France , for about 15 years. It is also believed that Napoleon Bonaparte stepped on this island and suggested certain changes and reformation in Ile d'Aix, France.

The history of Ile d'Aix, France, also informs us that, Ile d'Aix, France played an important role even during the French Revolution. The French government then ruled by the royalties, used the Ile d'Aix, France as a prison ground for banishing many religious protestors. Hence many parts of Ile d'Aix, France, are still a silent witness to the heinous ways which were adopted for killing the priests. Rich with many a historical buildings and monuments, Ile d'Aix, France is a must visit for all those who are planning an outstanding holiday in France.

Do not miss a sight of the Fort Liedot at Ile d'Aix, France. You can always expect to have a great time at Ile d'Aix, France as you visit the wonderful monuments located at various corners of Ile d'Aix, France. Reaching Ile d'Aix, France from the French mainland is not only easy but equally exciting. For a regular ferry service operates between Ile d'Aix, France and French mainland for several times in a day. Do take your beloved on such a pleasure ride as you visit Ile d'Aix, France, this vacation.

All outstation and foreign travelers can reach Ile d'Aix, France after they have landed in any of the international airports in France. All you need to do is to approach the travel desk of your hotel in France. The travel desk will not only allow you to book and cancel tickets but will also book ferry tickets for you to Ile d'Aix, France.