Ionian Islands, Greece

The Ionian Islands, Greece is one of the famous Group of Islands in Greece. These islands of the Ionian Islands, Greece are often referred to as the Seven Islands. However there are many small islands in this group of islands other than the seven main islands for which the name Seven Islands is given to them. The principal seven islands of the group of Islands includes Kerkyra or Corfu, Paxi or Paxos, Lefkada or Lefas, Ithaki or Ithaca, Kefallonia, Zakynthos or Zante and Kyrthi or Cerigo.

The first six islands are situated in the Ionian Sea near the West Coast of Greece while Kyrthia is situated near the southern part of the main land of Greece. This island is also not included in the periphery of the Ionian Islands, Greece and is known as part of the Periphery of Attiki. The names of the islands in the Ionian Islands, Greece are somewhat confusing as from time to time the islands were given different names by the rulers.

At present business of tourism in the Ionian Islands, Greece is the main business of the islands. These beautiful groups of islands are blessed with the natural beauty as well as a perfect combination of the sea , sand and sun. For this the islands can easily attract a lot of tourists every year who want to have a perfect vacation enjoying themselves on the beautiful beaches at Ionian Islands, Greece.

The group of Ionian Islands, Greece also serve as a popular honeymoon destination as well as a romantic getaway. Every year a lot of newly wed couple come to the Ionian Islands, Greece to enjoy the the natural beauty and to fall in love with each other over again. The islands give them good chance for beach activities, water sport, hiking and a number of beach and water sports. They can also have candlelight dinners at the beach. The popular tourist destinations in Ionian Islands, Greece also include the island of Kerkyra or Corfu that is well known for its beautiful sceneries.

Corfu has been made famous by Gerald Durrell's stories on Corfu, especially the novel "My Family And Other Animals." There are also beautiful castles that have been ruined with the passage of time. There are many cruises to Ionian Islands, Greece from different parts of the world. It is a favorite destination among the people who want to stay close to the nature on an island.