Island of Kea, Greece

Island of Kea, Greece, is one of the noted Islands of Europe, and most of the islands in the country of Europe are very scenic and picturesque. Greece's Island of Kea is very scenic and forms an integral part of tourism in the country of Greece. Island of Kea is very conveniently located in the Cyclades archipelago, in the Aegean Sea. The capital of Island of Kea, Greece, is Ioulis is set at an altitude which is quite high. This was primarily due to the fear of pirates. It is indeed very picturesque and beautiful.

Other noted villages in Island of Kea, Greece, are Vourkari and Korissia. From Athens, Island of Kea, Greece, can be a great weekend destination and yacht trips. Island of Kea, Greece, is the nearest to Attica, 20 kilometers from cape Sounio and 60 kilometers South East of Athens. The total area of the island is about 129 square kilometers, with 560m being its highest point. The entire country of Greece is very beautiful and almost all the islands are scenic and picturesque. Island of Kea, Greece, is no exception either. The island acted as a location for a Bronze Age settlement ans the site is now known as Ayia Irini.

In the late Minoan and early Mycenaean eras, it reached its height. A lot of history and mythology is associated with the island and the origin of the Island of Kea and the island acted as home to ancient lyric poets of Greece, Bacchylides and Simonides, Eradistratus, the physician and other notable personalities. It has been said that the inhabitants of the island had been known to offer sacrifices to Zeus and Sirius. Even 3rd century coins have been seen to show this.

The architecture of the island flourished during the Byzantine period as a number of churches were built along with the rising of the island's prosperity. During the period of 1200 to 1470, it went through a number of process of capture and recapture by the Byzantines and the Venetians. The island became pirates' haven for a long time. In the year 1527, Island of Kea, Greece, was occupied by the country of Turkey. Though the population of the island is virtually insignificant, there are quite a few attractions in the island. The most fascinating feature is the natural landscape of the island and tourists and travelers are bound to enjoy it. All the travelers and tourists who come to Greece do not miss the opportunity to visit Island of Kea, Greece.