Island of Losinj, Croatia

A popular island in Croatia, the Island of Losinj in Croatia is known for the vast expanse of greenery. The island of Losing in Croatia has a history of its own. It remained under the Austro-Hungarian rule for some time and was a renowned center for ship building. Based on the natural beauty and attractions of the place, Island of Losinj in Croatia gradually became popular with travelers and tourists in this part of the world.

The Island of Losinj in Croatia comprises of a few major islands. Mali Losinj is the most well know Resort Island and its harbor are considered to be the most beautiful in the entire Adriatic region. The Cikat Bay here is popular as a beach and for a lot of water sporting activities which it offers to the people. The island of Susak with a small population of a few hundreds, offers an interesting insight into the Croatian culture and tradition.

Though the travelers keep visiting the Croatian islands of Losinj throughout the year, yet some of the months in the middle, especially July to September, one comes across a fair degree of tourist rush in the region. There is a small but beautiful bridge that connects the island of Cres to Island of Losinj in Croatia. Reaching out to these islands in Croatia is not difficult as regular bus and ferry services are available from different points in the towns of Croatia. This is one of the popular islands of Europe which the tourists could visit.

Talking of accommodation, the government and the local hospitality industry has ensured that Island of Losinj in Croatia has a good number of hotels. From various categories of hotel, including luxury ones, there are small and budget accommodation facilities too. The tour operators also provide for travel packages that take care of most of the travelers needs. The travel operators would ensure that you find the right accommodation when you reach the island in Croatia.

Croatia as a nation had to undergo a lot of sufferings in the recent times. However, from the perspective of travel and hospitality, the country still has plenty to offer. Island of Losinj in Croatia is one of the major attractions that most of the travelers in this part of the region visit and relish for long. From natural beauty to sea and small mountains besides adventure activities, the options for a pleasure seeker are truly many. In such a context, a visit to these islands in Croatia is something that a tourist should undertake and enjoy some of the most memorable moments the person can long for.