Romantic Europe Island

Romantic Islands in Europe are always very attractive. Various guests and travelers visits the Romantic Islands in Europe every year. Such holidays are always romantic. Young couples generally spend some romantic time in the most attractive Islands in Europe. However many people also visit the various romantic islands to celebrate their anniversary. During Valentine�s Day these places get a little crowded than usual. Here we will help you to know more about the Romantic Islands in Europe. Be it a holiday or if you want to spend some quality time you can be at any of the romantic islands in Europe.

These islands attract a lot to the tourists. Few islands which are mostly visited by the tourist in Europe are:
  • Azores
  • Balearic Islands
  • British Isles
  • Canary Islands
  • Capri
  • Corsica
  • Crete
  • Cyprus

Azores: This Island is composed of nine volcanic islands. The natural beauty of this place attracts tourists since ages. Hiking and walking is the all time favorite for the tourists here. The temperature remains moderate but the humidity is a little high.

Balearic Islands: The combination of the landscape and seascape of this place give an ultimate relief to your eyes. The serene beauty will make you rejuvenate yourself. The sunshine on the silicon makes the place all the more attractive.

British Isles: If you want to be at the countryside and see fine historic monuments along with awesome landscapes, then you should be at the British Isles on your next holiday.

Canary Islands: Spain, Canary Island will let to witness volcanic landscape, high volcanoes, and dense forest. You may also see barren deserts. The excellent climate along with the pristine beaches will make you visit the place again and again.

Capri: The Italian Island is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Naples. During the time of the Roman Republic this place became a resort. This place is one of the Romantic Islands in Europe. The limestone crags are worth a mention. The water of this island is blue-green in color.

Corsica : The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, situated on the Mediterranean sea is Corsica. This Romantic Islands in Europe is located in the western coast of Italy. The beauty of this place makes it a dream vacation. The sandy beach, the alpine peaks in the background and the turquoise blue water gives us a feeling of ultimate peace.

White Mountains, Lasithi, Elafonisi, Falasarna, Balos Beach, Vai, Imbros Gorge, Kourtaliotiko Gorge and Lake Votamos, you will have something or the other stored for you in Crete.

Cyprus: This beach is a favorite spot for all the young couples. This place is better known as Republic of Cyprus. It is a Eurasian Island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus comprises of six districts like: Lefkosia (the capital), Ammochostos, Keryneia, Larnaka, Lemesos, and Pafos.

Few other places which can be visited as Romantic Islands in Europe are:
  • Greek Islands
  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Ischia Island
  • Malta
  • Rhodes
  • Santorini
  • Sardinia
  • Sicily