Sicily, Italy

A popular and autonomous region in the strategic part of Europe, Sicily is the largest group of Islands in Italy. Sicily in Italy accounts for some of the most splendid historical and strategic moments in the life of the nation. Sicily is considered to be an important and strategic part of the nation state of Italy on account of its location at the significant Mediterranean trade route. A rich culture and history along with splendid arts, cuisines and architecture are the other major features that mark Sicily in Italy in its own way.

Speaking in terms of the historical import of the islands of Sicily in Italy, the place is one of the most ancient ones in the region. Tribes like that of Sicani, Elymians and Ligures are some of the well known ones in Sicily. With a vast and ancient history spanning over the times of Greek and Roman civilizations, Sicily came to occupy an important place in the war on Italian unification. It is certainly one of the major islands of Europe.

The modern period saw the emergence of dreaded Italian mafia in Sicily. Sicily also came to be invaded by the allied forces during July, 1943 in course of the Second World War. The political changes came to effect in Sicily as part of the post war agreement that was hammered out between the two forces after the war. Sicily was declared to be an autonomous political entity as part of the overall political and territorial unit of Italy.

Sicily is known as one of the major centers of art in Europe. Artists like Giovanni Verga, Gesualdo Bufalino, Alfredo Sangiorgi, Aldo Clementi and many others from diverse fields of art and architecture were associated with Sicily in Italy. Places like Noto, Acireale and Rasuga represent the best of Baroque architecture. Further, Sicily of Italy is also known for some of the finest fold traditions of the region.

Sicily in Italy is also known for the shooting of the some of the more renowned movies across the world. From Italian, French to Hollywood movies, one comes across a good number of movies with shots from Sicily. Named as God's Kitchen, Sicily is also popular as one of the best places with variety in cuisines. Roman and Sicilian are the usual languages spoken and used in this part of the world. And in terms of sports, as is the case with most parts nearby, Sicily is simply incredible when it comes to soccer. Economically, a major part of the Sicily's revenues come from the hospitality industry.