Nightlife in Italy

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Italy, you should get the taste of nightlife in Italy. Nightlife in Italy is an absolutely different experience altogether. All forms of entertainment are available in Italy starting from late evening till the early hours of the morning.

Nightlife in Italy comprises nightclubs, public houses or pub houses, bars, discoth�ques, live music, cabaret, live performances, small cinemas, small theatres, concerts and restaurants. Nightlife venues in Italy frequently ask for a cover charge for entry and make profits through selling alcoholic beverages.

Nightlife in Italy covers entertainment from the quite disciplined to the risqu� to the sleazy. Nightlife amusement is naturally more edgy than daytime entertainments and normally more adult-oriented.

Nightlife in Italy offers various kinds of adult entertainment. People who like to remain more active in the night are named as night owls.

The social way of life in Italy has undergone a sea change since World War II took place. The nation has evolved from a highly conventional and cultivation-oriented society into an advanced and updated one. Going to discos, bars, restaurants and pizzerias and looking for other types of entertainment is becoming more and more popular with Italians, particularly among teenagers.

How can you enjoy nightlife in Italy

If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Italy, there are abundant options for you. There are many places where you can drink, dance and be noticed by others. There are plenty of bars, nightclubs and restaurants in important cities of Italy. Tourist resorts are also there for all walks of life. Majority of restaurants arrange for tables outside where you can watch street theaters or enjoy the fine weather. The ambience is vibrant and youthful. Different age groups are found in the bars. Both old and young, singles and families frequent these places.

Clubs in Italy play a range of music starting from alternative to techno/trance. These clubs open late at night and move on till the wee hours of the morning. Outdoor or open air concerts are also a unique feature of nightlife in Italy. These concerts take place mostly during summertime.

Nightlife venues in Italy

Given below are different types of nightlife venues that are found in Italy:

Pubs: These are places where people go to drink and chat with friends. There are Irish and Scottish pubs in Italy. You can check out the Irish pubs at Sorrento and Pozzuoli. Some of them serve food and some don't.

Ristopub: These places offer a bigger variety of drinks and food. Some of them have dance floors as well. You can check out the Ristopubs in Naples.

Discos: These are costlier places and require around 10-15 Euros for admission. Usually, no food is served. Discos remain open till the wee hours of the morning. Some of them have more than one dance floor and play various types of music.

List of popular nightlife venues in Italy

Given below is a list of popular nightlife venues in Italy:

  • Catinetta Antinori Club (Florence)
  • Gilda Club (Rome)
  • Piper Club (Rome)
  • 45 Giri (Rome)
  • Abraxa Teatro (Rome)
  • Absinthe Pub (Rome)
  • Accademia Filarmonica Romana (Rome)
  • Acino Brillo (La) - Rome
  • Acquophono (Rome)
  • Admiral (Rome)
  • Adriano (Rome)
  • Al Bric (Rome)
  • Albert (Rome)
  • Zest - Es Hotel (Rome)
  • Bar del Fico (Rome)
  • Jonathan's Angels (Rome)
  • Al Distributore (Venice)
  • Mc' Onor Music live pub (Venice)
  • Irish Rover Pub (Venice)
  • Old George (Venice)
  • Excalibur (Venice)
  • La Cascina (Venice)
  • Caff� dell'Orologio (Venice)
  • La Meridiana (Venice)
  • Belafonte (Venice)
  • Nebri (Venice)
  • Momi (Venice)
  • Voodoo Child Pub (Venice)
  • Il Fragile (Venice)
  • Armani Prive (Milan)
  • Bar Della Pace (Rome)
  • Caff� Miani (Also known as Zucca In Galleria)
  • Cape Town (Milan)
  • Dolce Vita (Florence)
  • Fake (Rome)
  • Da Claudio (Milan)

Going out in Italy and enjoying the nightlife can be really different from other cities in Europe. Italians are sociable in nature and their way of life circles around socializing. This is one of the reasons why nightlife in Italy is an attractive feature of the culture of Italy.

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