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Trip to Aosta

Aosta is one of the major cities of the Aosta valley a bilingual valley located at the Italian Alps. This place in Italy is located just 110 km northwest of Turin. Aosta has its location at the meeting point of Dora Baltea and buthier two famous rivers flowing in Italy. A trip to Aosta is always enjoyable as a tourist can enjoy breathtaking beauty of nature in this city In Italy. The view of surroundings located around the Italian city of Aosta draw a good number of tourists every year. A trip to Aosta is not only enjoyable for the wonderful beauty of this place but also for a few other reasons. Many traces of archaeological evidences are still in tact in this city in Italy.

A trip to Aosta will make you see the following places of attractions in this city:

One can see a few magnificently built towers in this city. These are the parts of an ancient wall built in the Roman era.

In the roman era many towers were there in this fortified city. Among these ancient towers only 20 have been preserved. A trip to Aosta will give you the chance to see the ancient towers made during the Roman civilization. There are some examples of these 20 magnificently built towers located in Aosta.

Tour Fromage ( Cheese tower)
Tour du Baillage

Tower castle of Bramfan: This tower in Aosta was built in the 11th century AD. A roman administrator Savoy viscounts lived in this tower. According to the Franco vocabulary Bramafan means anybody who screams for hunger.
Other than the famous towers built during the Roman rule one can also see many more places of attractions during one's trip to Aosta. Other places of attractions in Aosta include the following

The Arch of Augustus:
Arch of Augustus was set up in the 35BC. This famous arch was erected to celebrate to celebrate the triumph of the roman soldiers over the local tribe known as Salassi. This victory was led by Roman consul Varro Murene.

Porta Praetoria.
Another major place of attraction which one can see during one's trip to Aosta include Porta Praetoria. This was the gate of the city of Aosta This gate was used to enter into the city from the eastern side. This famous gate of Aosta has still been preserved in its original form. Only the marble covering of this famous gate has been lost. This famous gate of Aosta is made of two different series of arches which enclose a little square. Know more about trip to Aosta as Europetravelhub.com keeps you updated about Travel to Italy.

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