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Trip to Bologna

Bologna is one of the major cities in Italy. Bologna is the capital city of north Italian province Emilia-Romagna. This city is located in between Po river and the Apennines mountains. More specifically this city in Italy is located in between the two famous rivers in Italy namely Reno River and Savena River. Bologna can claim the distinction of becoming the oldest seat of university in this planet. During your trip to Bolonga do not forget visit the historical site of the oldest university of this planet. This university was established in the year 1088. Today Bologna comes within the few very developed cities of the country.

The development of this city in Italy has a few definite reasons. This is a city which has a very old industrial history. A few top of the line industrial units are located in the vicinity of Bologna. Moreover this city is also situated at the juncture of very busy highways and railways of the country. This has made the enormous development of Bologna possible. The public transport system in Bologna comes within one of the best public transport systems in Europe. Highly developed system of transportation of Bologna has also made the trip to Bologna very comfortable for the visitors coming in Italy from various parts of the world. Other public utility services in Bologna are also very much developed. Highly improved public utility services will make your trip to Bologna an unforgettable memory of your life.\

In this city in Italy one can find a few plush hotels and very high quality restaurants. On the streets of Bologna there are many kinds of restaurants.

One can enjoy many types of foods in these restaurants in Bologna. Restaurants in Bologna offer mouthwatering dishes of different specialties. But among other specialties of foods found in the restaurants in Bologna the unforgettable taste of the native Italian food is really unforgettable. Your trip to Bologna will be incomplete without a visit to the several high class restaurants located in many parts of Bologna.

Hotel accommodation is one of the major demands of the visitors visiting any part of the world. During your trip to Bologna you will never face any problem regarding the accommodation in this city in Italy. Hotels in Bologna offer plush accommodation in their well appointed rooms. One of the unforgettable experiences of your trip to Bologna is the warm hospitality which you will get in the hotels in Bologna. Know more about Travel to Italy only with Europetravelhub.com is giving information on trip to Bolonga.

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