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Trip to Cosenza

On your Trip to Cosenza explore one of the most appealing towns of Italy. Italy is one of the most sought after tour destinations in the world. The historic treasures with traces of roman glory, the renaissance palaces, the wonderful natural assets, the snow and sunshine, great food and wine, all can make your travel to Italy a worth cherishing experience. The natural treasures of Italy are diverse and awe-inspiring. While traveling to Italy get amazed by the snow-capped Alps, the stunning beaches of Italian Riviera and the vineyards of Tuscany.

Italy reflects a wonderful blend of ancient cities and modern metropolises. Among the most interesting places of Italy Cosenza is one. A Trip to Cosenza can give you an opportunity to venture into the neighboring area of the fantastic place. Plan a tour to Italy and explore some of its most fascinating places among which Cosenza is one.

While making a Trip to Cosenza one mustn't miss out on an exploring trip to the Sila Mountains. Cosenza attracts a large number of travelers with its originality. Cosenza is a charming town of Italy which is completely enclosed by mountains. The majestic mountains like, Sila enclose this place on the east side while the Catena Costiera Mountain on the west side separates Cosenza from the sea. Cosenza is located at the meeting point of two lovely rivers, the Crati and the Busento add to the attraction of Cosenza. While making a Trip to Cosenza explore some of the major attractions of this place which are, Church of San Domenico, The Cathedral, Monastero delle Vergini, Hohenstaufen Castle, Spirito Santo, and Giostra Vecchia.

Church of San Domenico is a beautiful church was built in 1448 and reflects a wonderful combination of medieval elements and Renaissance. The Cathedral exhibits a great blending of different cultures. Spirito Santo, also known as the Spirito Santo is a great church in Cosenza, which was constructed in 1507. Arenella is a lovely place in Cosenza, which is located on the right bank of the river Crathis. In this region the most popular attractions are the Church and Monastery of Saint Francis of Paola. The small San Salvatore is also a favorite tourist spot.

On your tip to Cosenza explore a number of cultural institutions and museums like, Museo Civico Archeologico, Accademia Cosentina, Biblioteca dell'Archivio di stato, Casa delle Culture, Museo delle Rimembranze, Museo all'aperto 'Bilotti', Galleria Nazionale - Palazzo Arnone, Biblioteca Nazionale, Teatro 'Alfonso Rendano', Teatro dell'Acquario, Universita della Calabria, Biblioteca Civica, and Biblioteca dei Ragazzi. The open-air museum of Cosenza houses a wide range of modern art sculptures. To know more about Travel to Italy browse through Europetravelhub.com.

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