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Trip to Palermo

Trip to Palermo is one of the most enjoying and comfortable one for the tourists and travelers to try out. With the availability of easy means of communication, tourists from all parts of the world can visit Palermo very conveniently. There are several flights which operate from mainland Italy to Palermo. Punta Raisi is the airport of Palermo which is also the largest airport of the island with large number of flights operating from here. Touring to Palermo is sure to render you with memories of a life time.

Palermo is the capital city of Sicily which rises up in a very pleasant bay at the foot of Monte Pellegrino, on the northern coastal regions of the island. It was previously known as Panormos or port in the Phoenician times. The town grew and developed under the rule of the Romans, but the golden age was under the domination of the Arabs, when it rivaled Cairo and Cordoba in beauty. In later times Palermo was made the capital of the Norman kingdom. Those who are on a trip to Palermo they will get to find very little remains of the extremely pleasing city of bygone times, but the influence of the mid-east can still be traced in the architectural designs of the churches, various alleys in the old town and the markets.

The rail routes are well built which connect all parts of the island with one another. There are frequent and on time trains which one can avail in order to commute from one place to another.

The local as well as tourists in Palermo avail the facilities of the railways to visit various places of attractions. The journey by train is very safe and secure and most of the trains run in time and there are very little chances of delay. People who are having their own cars or have cars on hire they can take the road to experience a relaxing tour to Palermo.

Three superhighways connect Palermo to the rest of Sicily. The most frequent routes are A20 from Messina or A19 from Catania. From the western parts A29 comes in from Mazara Del Vallo. Palermo is detached from mainland Italy. In order to complete your trip to Palermo by road you need to cross the Straits of Messina by ferries which are operated by FS, which is under the state railway authority. After the ferry lands at Messina those who are traveling to Palermo by car are required to drive another 233 kilometers in order to reach Palermo. Browse through for more information about Trip to Palermo which constitutes a prime aspect of Travel to Italy.