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Trip to Parma

Trip to Parma is something which one can enjoy along with his or her family and friends. The journey is very convenient and safe. There are various beautiful historical churches which form the major attractions of Parma. You will be fortunate to get into the most beautiful city of Italy and enjoy every moment of your stay over here. There are several hotels and resorts in Parma which are situated very close to most of the historical places in the city and thus provide you a very convenient and luxurious accommodation.

There are several food outlets where you can get to enjoy tasting some of the delicious local as well as continental cuisines.

This famous city of Italy in the Emilia Romagna region is well known as the capital of the food. At the time of Christmas, this place has a very different charm and vigor. People can do different kinds of shopping by getting lots of discounts. There are various things to see and do during your trip to Parma. The city of Parma is situated in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, reputed for its beautiful architecture and the exquisitely delicate countryside around it. You can get to see the University of Parma over here which is among the oldest universities in the entire Italy. Parma is segregated into two parts by the little stream having the same name. Parma is the second city in Emilia-Romagna after Bologna and it is among the most beautiful cities in Europe. Parma is very close to the valley of the Po River. 200,000 persons live in this city.

Roads are well developed here and you can take the roadways and enjoy your trip to Parma. This city well connected to mainland Italy with convenient communication systems and therefore it becomes very easy for those opting for a tour to Parma. The presence of some of the most beautiful and splendid churches, grand opera and artworks, Parma is considered to be the greatest art cities of Italy. The 12th century Duomo, whose beautiful frescoed dome was colored by Correggio, is close to the 13th century Gothic bell tower and an attractive Parma pink marble baptistery.

There are various other attractions in Parma which you can enjoy by availing a trip to Parma like the masterpieces of Benedetto Antelami, the famous sculptor who formed the reliefs and statues at the baptistery which are considered to be the most original works of the Italian Romanesque. Read through the pages of for a vivid idea about Trip to Parma which constitutes an integral aspect of Travel to Italy.